Everyone and Their Mother...

I always think life's biggest events happen in phases.  You pop onto Facebook and see the girl from your psychology class your freshman year of college got engaged.  And then twelve posts later the high school sweethearts a grade above your class sealed the deal, too.  It all happens at once and then there is a slight lull in time.
Right now it seems like everyone and their mother is having babies.  Ok, that may not be the best phrase to emphasize my point.  It would be a little odd to be pregnant the same time as your mother... Let's toss that thought to the side.

St. Patrick's Day is Here! Pinch Me!

Could St. Patrick's Day not fall on a better day?!  Like really, it falls on a Friday this year!  Does anyone have fun plans?  I'm sure we will just head out to eat and have a green drink (or two).

A Little Pastel Never Hurt Anyone

Now that Winter is (almost) behind us, we can finally start thinking about transitioning our wardrobe.  Out go the big chunky sweaters and in come the flowy tank tops and dresses. 
I love that Spring is all about bringing color back into our daily attire.  Winter seems to hold muted tones in my closet.  It's all about solid colors and minimal patterns.  I get so excited when our Spring shipments start to roll in because it is the perfect pick-me-up.  Bright colors and dainty patterns seem to fill the racks with life!
 Our newest arrivals are a good way to ease back into a colorful closet.  These pretty pastel hues are perfect for anyone, especially the neutral lover like myself.

Rackin' Up Those Sky Miles

I feel like there are two type of people at the airport.  There are the ones who look more manicured than Wrigley field, where their pedicure color matches the accent color of their perfectly pressed blouse.  And on the other end of the spectrum, there are people who looked like they rolled straight outta bed only to switch out their house slippers to tennis shoes.  The bags they're wheeling around aren't the only ones they are taking on vacation.

The One and Only

I think I finally have a worthy enough cause to write a post for 2017.  Scroll down and I think you will understand what I mean.
We wrapped up another busy year here at Single Thread.  The crazy forced me to skimp on the blog, but I think I finally have a moment to catch my breath and brush the dust off the ol' keyboard.
Back to my worthy cause.  If you've taken that long of a break from something, you kinda feel like you need to come back with some gusto...something that will pack a punch...something that, ...well you get the point.

Come Stroll With Us!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Thanksgiving may not be here yet, but that won't stop us here on 4th Street in Huntingburg from celebrating Christmas a little early!

Two's Company, Three's A Crowd

We've all heard the saying, "Two's company, three's a crowd."  But really, is there any truth to this?  I guess in this instance where I'm looking at it in the perspective of clothing colors, it is always going to be a "no".

We have had the stores open for long enough that we are pretty good at knowing exactly what you guys like.  Some items we get in and you all wipe the style out in a few days.  That was the case last year with these awesome fold over sweaters!

Peace, Love, and Candy

It’s already October 28th.  We are darn near into a new month, y’all!  But before we start thinking about Thanksgiving turkey and gravy,  …and pumpkin pie, …and dressing, and …. you get the point... we have to think about Halloween. 

He Loves Me, He Loves Me KNOT

He loves me, he loves me KNOT. 
Let's take a trip back to when you were a middle schooler.  You and the surrounding schools just merged together and there is a whole plethora of new boys to drool over.  That one boy sitting in the corner of your 5th period math class always seems to be catching your eye.  Automatically you wonder if he is going to be the THE ONE.  So of course, on your way to the bus stop you snatch the lone flower next to the sidewalk.  You tug at each individual petal while chanting, he loves me, he loves me knot... I mean not.

Doing Double Takes

Let me start out by saying, whoa! 
This is awkward.
This is a blog post with pictures of myself.  Yup, the face behind the blog is no longer pulling a Sia.  This is me...STB Babe, Caitlin.
On Sunday I was piddling at the computer when my phone dinged.  It was Sara and she asked me to model for outside social media pics.  *Que the heart palpitations*  You see, I'm usually the one BEHIND the camera taking pictures of Sara.
But hey, sometimes it's good to take a step out of your comfort zone.