Bye, Bye, Bye: Saying Toodles to Old Clothes

Bye, Bye, Bye.

All you 90's kids are probably reminiscing about your childhood just at the thought of those three words.  Back to a time when you used to pop that *NSYNC CD into your purple player and crank up the beats to jam into your hairbrush.  Where you would dance around your room and jump off your bed, but make sure to land soft enough that your parents on the floor below you wouldn't come up and tell you to simmer down. 

Oh wait, that didn't happen to you? either.

It's time to listen to the words of that ever-popular boyband and say sayonara to some of your old clothes.  Working in the fashion business, I think it's in my duty to always dress in our store's latest arrivals.  But that does pose a problem to my closet.  You see, before Andrew and I were married I had a walk-in closet at my parent's house.  There were plenty of racks and shelves to hold all my shoes and clothing items. 

Fast forward to today and I share a closet with the hubs.  Quite a downgrade when you go from a walk-in to sharing a 100" closet with your man.  <---Yes, I've measured.

Because of this, I often have to trim down my wardrobe.  Don't get me wrong, I've organized it to get the most space allotted, but I understand our closet has a max.  These are some tips I use to cut down on the overload.


1. Only keep what makes you happy!

This thought changed it all for me a couple months ago.  I heard so many people on social media talk about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book by Marie Kondo.  While I didn't read the book, I got a brief synopsis from other readers.   She basically states that if an item doesn't make you happy, it's time to toss it.  You will only use things that bring you joy.  This basic statement sounded silly at first, but it's true.  If you have a closet of only items you love, it will make getting ready much easier!



2. Have you worn it recently?

Every closet clean out guide will always ask you this question.  Some ask if have you wore it in the last six months, other ask if you have within the year.  If you haven't within that period of time, you probably never will.  An easy way to know if you've wore it recently is to start with your hangers turned backwards.  If after a year they still aren't turned, it's time to toss it!



3.  If it was white and isn't anymore, pitch it.

We are all guilty of having some trouble with the washer.  Somehow those white tees always seem to make it into the wash on the days my jeans want to take a whirl.  So if your white shirt is sky blue, pitch it.  That includes any items that aren't the color or size you bought them.


4.  If it's uncomfortable or hurts, toss it.

Guilty of this one specific pair of heels comes to mind.  They are killer cute, but dang do they hurt my feet.  For this exact reason, I never wear them.  This next closet clean out, I've promised myself to pitch them.  Why waste space on items that are uncomfortable to wear? 

*Peace itchy sweaters*


5.  Ask yourselves these questions: Does it have a stain?  Missing a button?  Does it still fit?

I've had items I've kept for months promising myself I'll get them repaired or tailored.  Learn from my mistakes.  These damages items likely will just sit collecting dust.  You should keep your closet filled with only good-fitting and good-looking things!



6.  Would you buy it again?

This is another easy question to ask yourself.  It truly helps decide if you love an item or not. 

Let's imagine you're out shopping at your favorite store.  You walk through the doors and are surprised to find your shirt hanging on a rack.  Given the choice again, would you buy it?  If the answer is no you should reconsider keeping it.


After you are done whipping your closet back into shape, decide if you can sell the items or if they can be donated.  I do a combination of the two.  I take my items to a store to sell and whatever they don't take, I donate.  My last two trips I made a total of $200.  Not bad for items that just sat in my closet before.

So as soon as go get home, download some *NSYNC, whip out your favorite hairbrush, and tell some of your old clothes bye, bye, bye.


STB Babe,


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