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The Transition Period We All Dread

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on February 03 2016

If you have taken a peek through our store doors, you will have noticed a few odd things. 

Bright colors?  Florals?  Rompers? 

Aren't we in the dead of winter?

Yup, you certainly aren't color blind.  This time is what I call the awkward in-between period.  Designers had their Spring collections prepped months ago.  And in the fashion industry, this is normal.  It never really quite made sense to me why they introduce the next season just as the previous one is in full effect, but whatevs.  The pieces are still so cute!

So here I am, about to give you some words of advise: Brush the snow off your shoes, take off your beanie, and go ahead and buy that cute Spring piece!  I promise you won't regret it.  I had so many people come in last year once the temps were starting to warm up looking for that piece they saw weeks before.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but often times it's gone. 

Being a boutique, we get smaller quantities in so we can keep our inventory fresh.  There will always be something new each time you come in.  That's why I always say to go ahead and buy something if you like it, most likely it will be gone the next time you're here.

So since you are gonna buy that cute Spring piece, don't think it has to sit in your closet until the flowers start to bloom.  Heck no!  You can totally wear them now, they just need some tweaking.


Sources: Tank, Jacket, Beanie

There is nothing I love more than pairing a girly item with an edgy piece.  This lace tank is perfect to layer with a black leather jacket and a beanie!  You will get a cute, grungy look with this combo.


Sources: Dress, Jeans, Hat

I hate to say it, but this look may be a little height restrictive.  Sorry to my short girls out there!  To give a little warmth under this dress, I think it would be super cute to add some jeans!  I'm 5'8" and pairing it with jeans looked fine!  If you are any shorter though, I think you may be a little borderline. :(  Top off this outfit with a cute floppy hat.


Sources: Dress, Boot Socks, Boots

This is the girliest look of them all!  To give yourself a little more warmth this season, consider pairing some knee-high boot socks with it and some tall boots.  This will at least give you a little more coverage.  Either that, or add your trusty 'ole leggings to it!  I think a pretty burgundy shade would look fabulous!


Just because some pieces may look a little more season specific doesn't mean you can't make them work for the current weather.  Happy pre-Spring shopping y'all!

STB Babe,

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