#FashionFriday - Friday Night Out on the Town

Thank GOODNESS it's Friday!  I tell you what, it's been one heck of a week!  Not only are Andrew and I doing a massive home renovation, but we just bought a brand new side-by-side!   Exciting things are happening.  Is it weird that I can't wait to ride around and pick up sticks in the yard?  I used to hate picking up sticks after a storm by hand and carrying them across the WHOLE yard.  #itsahardknocklife  Not only are these fun things going on right now, but my family got some awesome news.  With all this going on, I can't wait to just relax this weekend.

If only I could...

Let's be real, who gets to relax on weekends anymore?!  I will be putting the finishing touches on our house, attending a bridal shower, picking up our new toy, going to Pig Prom, and then celebrating a friend's birthday.

And I can only guess you reread the last paragraph to make sure you read that right.  Yes, Pig Prom.  Oh can you get anymore country than that?!  The first time Andrew told me about this shindig, I was totally confused.  It's really just an excuse for people to get together, eat good food, talk, and dance the night away.  It's great!

But if you a one of the lucky few to have an open night this weekend, let me introduce you to the perfect night-out-on-the-town outfit!


It's stunning!  No matter your skin tone, this number will look amazing on everyone!  Even if you are ghostly pale (like myself) or have a deep complexion, you need this!  I promise you will love the slight draping in the front.


So let's break it down:

Twist and Shout Hot Pink Dress>>> Even look at the back!  It's perfect.  It will be great for all your summer weddings and events.

Black Fringe Tassel Clutch>>> Tassels and fringe are once again taking over Spring fashion.  This oversized clutch is perfect for a night out with your girls! 

Petal to the Metal Pumps>>> Again with the tassels!  I'm in love with these shoes!  The heel height is perfect, not to mention the ankle strap gives you extra support.  As you shake it on the dance floor, so will your shoes.

Buy one piece, or buy them all!

STB Babe,

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