Springtime always makes me want to dress in pretty pastel hues and floral prints.  I guess I just want to blend in with the pretty surroundings!  These colors already blend so well into my favored neutral color scheme that switching from winter to spring only isn't all that hard!

I'll swap out my beloved skinny jeans for cropped capris, and my knee-high boots for wedges.  Heck, after I got a pedicure on Monday it seemed like the perfect excuse to bust out my new sandals! 

All of these new looks would be perfect with YOUR newest pair of spring shoes!


Call Me Classic Blue Button Up / Softly Sway Cream Cardigan


Doesn't this outfit remind you of the ever-popular clothing store that starts with J and ends in Crew?!  Thought so!  If you are looking for a preppy spring look, look no further!  This combo will keep you warm during the brisk afternoon winds in our classic cream cardigan.  To really capture the essence of the "preppy" look, cuff the blue button-up over the cardigan's sleeves.  Instantly chic!


Striped Swagger Navy Sleeveless Top / Striped Swagger Peach Sleeveless Top


The best things come in twos.  When we know something is going to be good, we always get it in multiple colors!  Say hello to your new favorite top!  The loose crisscross fabric will even cover up the fact that you ate way too may Reese's Eggs this past weekend?  Oh wait, was that just me?!


Eye for Detail Tunic / Peachy Keen Tunic


If you buy one of these, you know you are going to have to buy the other!  They balance each other out so well.  The patterned tunic has a bit more edgy look with the funky Aztec pattern.  And our peach tunic is definitely girly with its pleats and buttons.  Pick your favorite depending on your mood!


Cheers to You Little Green Dress / Cheers to You Little Neon Dress


I was a day late and a dollar short for this one. :(  I looked at our purchase orders Friday to see what was coming in-store next.  I saw we were getting a scalloped dress.  Ugh!  I was wanting a new dress for Easter this past weekend and this would have been perfect...along with my new wedges, of course!  Oh well, guess I'll have to have the hubby take me on a date!  The problem is, which color?


This week's new arrivals definitely didn't disappoint.  Hurry in because they are already selling fast!


STB Babe,

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