I've been craving a getaway.  Well actually, both Andrew and I have.  You know it's time to go when the hubby brings up the idea first.  Usually the spontaneous, spur the moment one is me. 

For example, one Thursday night in December we were sitting on the couch talking about Nashville.  And guess what we did that Saturday?  We went to Nashville.  :) And it was seriously the most fun!

Andrew was off this past Monday and Tuesday.  We wished oh so much that we could have went somewhere last weekend, but I had my best friend's wedding.  Scratch those getaway plans.

I thought, "Well that's fine.  We're going somewhere for my birthday."  My birthday is Monday, so plans were to go somewhere this weekend with Andrew's family.  Just a quick trip.

...Well those plans were scrapped.  One of his brothers got scheduled to work.  And the other remembered last minute that he had a wedding to go to.  Joy. 

But figuratively speaking, let's just say that I was going to be whisked away somewhere this weekend.  These new arrivals would definitely be making their way into my getaway tote!


Take Me To Bali Blooms Dress // $45


Vanilla With Sprinkles Tank // $28


Luscious Lavender Scalloped Dress // $39.50 


My Aphrodite Coral Maxi Dress // $39.50

Smudged in Spring Scarf // $16.50


Tacos and Tequila Tee // $32

Gypsy Dreams Pom Pom Shorts // $32.50


Bright White Classic Cuff Top // $46

Grunge It Up Olive Shorts // $38

Wind It Down Mirrored Orange Sunglasses // $12


Can you tell I'm an overpacker?

So, if you were going on a weekend getaway, what would you bring along?


STB Babe,

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