Pinks and Greens Are Our Thing!

If you read the blog a post or two ago, you will remember that I (desperately) wanted to go somewhere on a little getaway.  And believe it or not, we were actually able to go somewhere.  Well, kind of. 

Saturday night Andrew and I went out to eat with my parents, in-laws, and Grandma for an early birthday dinner.  We had so much fun chatting over blooming onions, queso and chips, and porkchops.  I left feeling so full, not from just the food, but from a full heart!  <-- Well that was a little cheesy, Caitlin.

Well after that Andrew and I decided to go up to our family cabin on the river.  Yes, it may not have been the elaborate getaway we both were wanting that weekend, but it was just as great! 

So how does this all relate to the blog?  This little number helps tie it in...


Second Look Olive Romper // $36


You see, I bought this romper as sort-of an early birthday present to myself.  First of all, olive totally falls in my love of neutrals.  And second (and most importantly) it actually fits!  As a 5'8" girl, I'm long and lean.  Usually rompers don't fit worth a darn.  But this beauty fits like a dream. 

And back to my story, I had all intentions of wearing it for dinner Saturday.  Then reality set in when I realized I always freeze in restaurants.

So I wish I also would have purchased this to wear that night...


Check-Mate Mint Checkered Top // $36


This top is the cutest!  I love the mint color.  And it looks great on all skin tones!  It would have been perfect at the restaurant!  I could have unrolled the sleeves as the night got cooler.


 But let's be honest.  Sometimes beauty is pain.  Some days you don't care how cold you will get as long as you look cute.  Well if that would have been the case Saturday, I would have most definitely wore this!


Leaf in the Wind Pink Dress // $34

Leaf Bed Gold Charm Necklace // $25


This pattern is to die for!  And not to mention, the simple shape of the dress is perfect for any body type!  Everyone needs it along with the adorable necklace!

I'm so in love with these pink and green pieces!  I guess I'll need to make some reservations again here soon just so I can wear them out too! ;)


STB Babe,

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