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A Mother's Love - Guest Blogger - Jamie Brewer

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on May 07 2016

GUEST BLOGGER - Jamie Brewer


I worked in the retail world on and off for almost a decade of my life. I LOVED clothes; I LOVED shopping. I LOVED opening and merchandising new shipments because it meant I got to shop FIRST. I learned very quickly to only buy what I absolutely couldn't live without -- the best of the best. After all, a new shipment would be coming in the next week, and my paycheck only went so far. I had confidence when I shopped. I knew what was cute; I knew what was trendy. I knew how to dress to flatter my body type, and I always felt that was a gift I had that came naturally to me.

Cut to me crying in the dressing room while I was pregnant with my first child. "Nothing FITS!!!" I lamented, crying that I couldn't squeeze my belly or butt into non-maternity clothes. Hello... that should have been my first clue right there! Little by little, I stopped shopping. Little by little, I lost my confidence. I felt out of touch with what I consider to be my innate sense of style and what looks good on me regardless of what the trends are. I started second-guessing my instincts and questioning my gift. Had I lost it? Was I forever doomed to wear "mom" jeans and yoga pants and tennis shoes? (Disclaimer: I LOVE my yoga pants and tennis shoes, but I can't wear them EVERYwhere y'all. A girl's gotta have a date night outfit!)

After I had my second daughter, I invited a single, younger, more fashionable friend to come over one day to help me go through my closet. It was extremely emotional (I tie memories and emotions to clothes apparently). I cried over clothes and memories -- good and bad -- of my single life days, and I chose let them go so that I could open myself to new beginnings and memories in my life. I committed to getting myself current by asking friends, scouring blogs and Pinterest, and reading magazines.

However, let's be real: I'm a mom... a busy, busy mom! I've decided and declared:

M + O + M = BUSY.

Not only am I a wife and a mother to two, but I also own and run two small businesses (one of which is helping women run THEIR businesses). I don't have TIME to shop, and even if I did, it's hard to do that with a toddler running around the store pulling clothes and accessories off shelves! (#aintnobodygottimeforthat) I love shopping online, and I love saving on shipping. With Single Thread, I can shop online and choose local pick-up at checkout. Yes, please! I love getting the STB emails so that I can see new arrivals, get ideas for outfits for upcoming events, and my favorite part: staying updated on SALES!!

I got this dress from Single Thread boutique for our family photo shoot, and it was absolutely perfect! Light, airy, and comfortable... I love that it's the perfect dress for a summer date night (think dinner on an outdoor patio), but if I feel the need, I can pair it with jeans or leggings for a little more coverage. I don't know if a dress was more perfectly made for me: it has pockets, too!!

I'm so grateful I have Single Thread as my affordable, go-to boutique! Even with all our #momsuperpowers, we can't do everything when we're running on empty. It's important to remember that when you're taking care of yourself, you're taking care of your family, too. Make your Mother's Day gift to yourself a priority this month. Get your nails done. Take a nap. Read a book. Schedule that hair appointment. Do a little something for yourself that makes you feel like you again. You won't regret it.

And if you're reading this post and need a quick last-minute gift for an upcoming occasion (**cough, cough, GUYS: MOTHER'S DAY IS THIS SUNDAY, MAY 8), consider purchasing a Single Thread Boutique gift certificate for your intended recipient. You never have to wonder if it fits!


- Jamie Brewer


Thank you for keeping it real, Jamie!  Not only are you a fabulous customer, but you are an amazing Mom!  You can tell your girls love you to pieces!  Happy Mother's Day!

And can we all agree Jamie looking amazing in that dress?!  If you would like to purchase it, just click here or visit Single Thread at any of our three locations.  As Jamie mentioned, consider purchasing a gift certificate for that deserving Momma in your life.  If you buy a gift certificate worth $25 or more you will get a free "Mother's Love" bracelet!



Thank you to all the Momma's out there!  You are ALL amazing!

STB Babe,

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