I recently cleaned out my closet.  Honestly, it's kinda pathetic how often I do it.  I always know it is time whenever I run out of hangers.  When that time comes, I'm in desperate need of a clean out.  There is not need for me to shove more hangers in an already full space.  Because when that happens, the hubby will notice the closet is no longer divided in half...and that I could possibly have a shopping problem.  ;)

Andrew has joked with me that he thinks I have probably gotten rid of ten trash bag worth of clothes in the time we have lived together.  Over a 2 year period, I didn't want to him to possibly think he was correct, or even the fact that there could have been more.  But when you consider the industry I'm in, clothes are constantly being circulated.  Heck, one clean alone I got rid of 2 bags of things.  It was liberating!

This closet purge I noticed there were some gaps in my closet.  I'm missing some of the very important basics that make getting dressed in the morning easy.  Some things I noticed I needed were a good white tank, a nice basic black tee, and a good fitting pair of capris for the spring.  Well lucky for me our latest shipment checked a few things off my list!



White Scoop Neck Side Slit Tank // $24

Gemstone and Tooth Layered Necklace // $32


Mauve Scoop Neck Side Slit Tank // $24

Go With The Flow Plaid Tunic // $42

Triple Layered Half Moon Necklace // $21


These tanks are just what I needed.  These two pictures show you just how you can change up a look when your base layer is a good solid piece.  Accessories and layering can transform an outfit!


Ruffle Back Chambray Linen Dress // $39.50

White Teardrop Gemstone Necklace // $32


 Every woman needs a little denim dress in her life!  It is a staple piece that you will find yourself grabbing for concerts and casual dinner dates!  The ruffle on the back is the perfect addition!



Navy Print Twisted Back Maxi Dress // $39.50

Curved Bar Layered Necklace // $18


 I'm sure you will agree that this dress is anything but basic!  But I had to throw it in there.  Along with your tried and true basics, you need a few statement pieces.  And I think this dress does just that!  I love the twisted braid detail on the back, along with the POCKETS!  Amen for pockets!


Take a look in your closet and see what pieces you need to build a great wardrobe.  I'm sure you will be in soon to purchase an item or two.  ;)

STB Babe,

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