With the unofficial start of summer being this past Monday on Memorial Day, it got me in a frenzy looking at my closet and seeing if I was prepared for the upcoming season.  Of course,  I wasn't.  Guess that means it's time to shop!  I've rounded up my top summer wardrobe must-haves so you can prepare, too!


1. Denim Shorts


High Waist Distressed Denim Shorts // $38.50


Denim shorts.  No brainer on the essential list, right?  Let me remind you to look back at your shorts collection from last year.  I don't know if it's that I've been out of college for two years or what.  But looking back it seems like all I have are booty shorts.  No, the butt is not hanging out, but now that I've gotten older I want a little more length.  I love denim shorts because you can toss on a pair of cutoffs and not worry how they will look with the top.  They go with everything!


2.  A Pair of Nice(r) Shorts


Drawstring Linen Shorts - Black // $28.00


Drawstring Linen Shorts - Natural // $28.00


Ya, ya.  Another pair of shorts.  While denim shorts do go with everything, certain outings may not be as appropriate to rock them at.  So if you still want to be as cool as a cucumber, but be dressed to impress, consider a pair of khaki or black shorts.  I love this linen material!


3. Graphic Tank


Sandy Toes Salty Kisses Tank // $36.50


No matter your age I think you can rock a graphic tank!  Use this on a casual day running errands or even as a quick swimsuit coverup with your Daisy Dukes!  This adorable quote is on the most perfect ribbed fabric.   You won't want to take it off!


4. A Nice Dress


Navy Laser Cutout Shift Dress // $42


If your summer is anything like mine, you have weddings galore!  I have so many dresses, but every time I go to a wedding it takes many glance-overs in my closet to figure out exactly what to wear.  Yes, it may be a wedding.  But I feel like each wedding's vibe is so different!  Some are super casual, some are dressy, some you can get away with cutouts, others you need a maxi so the bride's Grandpa Tom isn't staring at you all night.  I'm sure you can agree every wedding needs a certain type of dress.  However, I think this dress is perfect no matter the vibe.  ;)


Bring on Summer! <3


STB Babe,

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