It's that time of year again!  We are wearing less fabric in attempts to stay a little cooler.  Jeans are now shorts, and long sleeved tops are now tanks.  It's the same thing every year!  However, this year especially, we are seeing a trend occurring.  The hottest styles all have cutouts, open backs, or off the shoulder detailing.

On the hanger you can't help but get excited!  But as soon as you take that wooden hanger and garment into the dressing room, you are faced with the question ,"How do I wear a bra with this?!"

First world problems.



Triangle Cut Out Tank - Mint // $38.50

Tan Straw Floppy Hat // $16


Bra straps are a no-no.  I think we are all in common agreement that we don't wanna see your neon pink bra that you got during the VS Semi-Annual Sale.  Ya, be proud you got that baby for a fraction of the price, but keep it to yourself.  So normally I would tell you to wear your favorite strapless bra with a tank...but what happens if your shirt is like the one above and has a low back?


Solution 1: Bralette



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I think this is the most obvious out of the solutions.  Bralettes have taken the fashion world by storm!  You can still have the coverage of a bra, yet they are comfy!  Plus on those low back items, they add a fun detail.  This is so much better than seeing the clasps on your bra!

You can even stop in your local STB to find a couple bralette options not found online!


Solution 2: Backless Bra


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Backless bra?!  Is that even possible?

As a matter of fact, yes!  But we like to call this bad boy a sticky bra.  Imagine you cut off the straps to your bra and your cups magically became a sticky.  That's pretty much what it is...but without the scissor snipping!  All you do it stick it onto your body and never again do you have to worry about backless tops!

Make sure to take care of this bra to get the most uses out of it.  Because just like a sticker, it loses its stickiness after awhile.  Make sure to store it in its container and to not have any lotion or oils on your body before applying.  You can dance the night away without worry!


Solution 3: Petals


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I guess petals would be the polite way to describe these things.  If you don't want the excess fabric of a bralette and want to feel a little more "free" than wearing a backless bra, consider this!  It covers the bare minimum without taking away from the design of the garment!


Well there ya go, now you have no excuse in how to wear your favorite trendy cutout piece this season!


STB Babe,


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