#FashionFridays - We Are Hoosiers

In the past few years, I have seen dilapidated downtowns rejuvenate their buildings and businesses flourish into something greater and bigger. We are seeing a movement from shopping in the malls to shopping local. Shopping local is not a corporate mandate or government mantra from above, but a movement of those who understand that local awareness is as important as global awareness.

Being a boutique owner in Southern Indiana, I understand the importance of shopping local. I know that we live in an amazing area full of flourishing small businesses, and I want to be able to show everyone else how truly incredible we are as a community and as a state!  Our line of United State of Indiana t-shirts supports local businesses and shows off our Hoosier Pride. USI wanted to make a clothing line that shows the uniqueness and essence of this great state we call home.


Not only are graphic tees a huge women's fashion trend right now, but also they are amazingly soft, breathable, and comfortable! Our line of USI shirts fit seamlessly on every body style. Pair with casual denim shorts or have some fun and tuck it into a feminine pleated skirt. Our newest shipment of USI tanks includes red and blue tank tops that are PERFECT for the upcoming holidays.

Grabbing your USI tank will not only help local businesses, it shows the world how much you love your state. Our connection to our community is more than just coincidental. We are Hoosiers by birth AND by choice.

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