GUEST BLOGGER: A Curvy Girl's Story

You know what I love? Women who feel great about themselves. What makes every woman feel confident? Clothes that fit. Clothes the flatter. Clothes that fall in just the right way. All of these new “curvy” threads (pun intended) have me dancing around my backyard. The black dress is light and comfortable, making it perfect for sweet Sundays or dressing it up with a print belt and edgy wedges going Dancing on Monday nights. There seriously cannot be anything more comfy than the grey tee with lace shoulders. I wear it casual with jeans or cropped pants to run errands or tied in a knot with a flirty skirt to meet up for drinks. Summer sun-kissed skin peeking through lace looks beautiful no matter what you pair it with. Moral of this girl’s curvy-girl story: make it work for you. Find great fitting basics that you can wear a handful of different ways and you’ll have the perfect wardrobe for a hot summer. (photos by Alisha Sims Photography)

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