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Let's Give Ourselves A Break Ladies!

Sara Kamman

Posted on September 15 2014

Recently, one of my favorite bloggers, Lauren Conrad, posted about how to love the body you have.  This topic is one of those topics that I have a love/hate relationship with, so it really got me thinking to myself “what do I love about my body?”

As women, I think this is something we struggle with on a day-to-day basis.  I have friends who are naturally skinny and  I have other friends who are curvy. I have a flat chest and what my friends call a “wooty” (white girl with a booty).  I just turned 28, and I’m glad I can finally say I’m now accepting of my body for what it is.

High school was when I started looking in the mirror at my body and critiquing it.  I would take diet pills just to lose a few pounds, because back then 135 was just too heavy (crazy, right?)  I’ve had friends who have had severe eating disorders, and I can admit that I’ve had issues with disorders too.

It wasn’t until college, when I was diagnosed with a nerve condition, that I started getting my crap together both physically and mentally.  I stopped concerning myself with the number on the scale, and I worried more about the way I felt.  It was a long, hard road but I got there years later.

My close friend and photographer, Alisha Sims, has the innate ability to make every woman she works with feel like a total babe.  I asked her what makes a woman confident:

I am a boudoir photographer. What do I think makes a confident woman? Self love and self celebration. When my Fearlessly Feminine clients show up on the day of their session, most of the time they're nervous and they're scared... but when they see their images at their viewing session, they're blown away. The coolest part of my job is that I'm just showing them and encouraging them to celebrate what's already there. A beautiful, confident woman who is so worth loving.

Now that I own two stores, I don’t have time to work out every day and I’m OKAY with that.  I’ve learned to love my little chest and my curvy hips.  I can now swap a work out for a glass of wine and not beat myself up over it (to my friends, this is not shocking).  It also helps that my boyfriend also loves my curves.  He helps me feel more confident in my skin, but also encourages me to go for a run when I’ve had a stressful day.

As I thought about this subject, I wanted to hear from my customers!  So, we took it to Facebook, and this is what Vanna H. told us makes her feel most confident:

A "power outfit" which varies day to day... Usually a dress the right pair of heels/boots and being around people who make me want to put my best self forward... And believe in/ encourage me! I have been blessed to have certain people in my life who make me realize I am too good to just settle in any aspect of my life!!

I couldn’t agree more with Vanna!  An outfit that makes you feel like a rock star will instantly give you a confidence boost, but surrounding yourself by supportive people is even more important.  So tell us, what do you do to make you feel good about yourself?


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