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All About That Bass - GUEST BLOGGER

Sara Kamman

Posted on September 16 2014

We live in a world that is slowly changing its view of a woman’s size. When I was growing up there were no curvy or plus-sized girls in the media. There was no public representation of successful, respectable women outside of model size. Today there are videos like ‘All About That Bass’ at the top of Itunes charts celebrating curves, plus sized women reporting the news, curvy girls on sitcoms.

I’ve heard a lot of opinions from both side of the coin, but I’ll tell you the effect these changes have on this curvy girl. At 23, I’ve learned something about the correlation between self-worth and overall health/happiness: if you don’t feel that you have personal worth, you won’t take care of yourself. If you don’t feel as though your mind and body are worth something, you won’t protect them. Feeling as though you’re on the outside of world looking in doesn’t promote self-worth. Walking into a great boutique like Single Thread with your friends and finding clothes that look great on all of you, no matter your size, does. When I feel comfortable and fun in the clothes I’m wearing I find that I treat myself better. I want to exercise, finish the project at work, and cook a great meal for my friends. I take actions to make myself happier because I feel that I deserve to be happy.

As women, most of us have body image issues for one reason or another, but I would encourage you to go out shopping some day soon. Leave behind all of the worries about what your body “should” be and find something that makes you feel beautiful in the body you already have. Then, watch the effect that simple act has on the way you treat yourself. I’ve come a long way in 2014 in terms of self-love. This is something I practice regularly. My favorite items: cozy soft shirts in bright colors, twirl-able dresses, and happy prints.

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