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Boho Buns + Braids - GUEST BLOGGER

Sara Kamman

Posted on September 18 2014

Coming into summer I was super excited to start my bohemian style all over again. From high waisted shorts to around the forehead headbands. I love it all! Girls are always coming to me saying “I want a more boho hairstyle but I don’t want the basic french braid.” That is when I suggest to them a ballerina bun or a different side braid. First, how is a ballerina bun “boho"? It's simple, yet looks more difficult than you would expect. Once you do a spin off of it by adding little braids here and there, or a cute flower headband to wrap around the braid, it screams nothing but BOHO. Next, what kind of different side braids am I talking about? You name it, I style it. I suggest anything from fishtail, 4-strand, 5-strand, mermaid, dutch, or rope braids. BRAIDS BRAIDS AND MORE BRAIDS. Nothing screams boho more than braids.  Take a look at all of Single Thread Boutique's hair styles I created for their Fall Lookbook - "Live Free, Love Fierce":

Check out this tutorial here:

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