Our models are the face of our company.  You guys see them every day on social media and even recognize them around the town, so we thought we would do a little Q&A session to let you get to know our models better!  Our first Q&A is with Taylor.  Taylor is such a fun loving, good spirited, goofy girl!  She brings light to our day every time we see her.  Her laugh and smile are infectious, so get to know her a little better yourselves below:

STB : Tell us a little about yourself!
Taylor :  I was born and raised in Evansville, and graduated from Reitz High School in 2013.  Currently, I attend University of Southern Indiana.  I'm athletic and always like to be on the go!  I played a lot of sports growing up like soccer and golf, and cheered competitively for 12 years.  I have a slight coffee addiction. (My favorite drink is an iced double shot with a splash of soy.)  Fashion is something that is always changing, but I use it to match my personality and mood.  I have many different styles, but if I had to describe my style it would be urban/city chic.  I have always had a passion for modeling and being behind the camera. I am signed with an agency in Nashville, Tennessee, so modeling for Single Thread has been an amazing opportunity!

STB : You're in your car and THAT song comes on and you start rocking out like no one is watching, what is the song?
Taylor : I would have to say Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. Taylor has always been my girl, and this song is too perfect to get up and dance to. 

STB : What do you think is an important quality for every #STB babe to have?
Taylor : I would say some of the most important qualities would be confidence and work ethic. There are times when I am wearing something that is edgy and I have to be confident behind the camera and work hard to meet the expectations and goals of the shoot. It's really rewarding seeing the finished product! 

STB : What is a current fashion trend that you're digging and one that you wish would go away?Taylor :  I have been loving ripped jeans and black on black!  Black is a timeless color and if you pair it with red or maroon lipstick, you have the PERFECT city look.  I wish super short crop tops would go away.  There is a way to wear them and be stylish, but when paired with super short shorts, it just isn't flattering.

STB : Who is your idol and why?
Taylor :  I don't like to idolize celebrities or famous people. I would say my idol is Jesus. He was perfect in every single way. He was humble, loving, respectful, loyal, and generous. He is the center/idol of my heart. (this girl has a good head on her shoulders!)

STB : I know you LOVE to travel to different cities and check out different boutiques and coffee shops, so tell us what your favorite city is and your favorite pit stops when you go!
Taylor : Wow, this is a hard one for sure because I do love to travel. I would have to say New York. It is the city that never sleeps and has a new adventure waiting around every corner. Breakfast: Doughnut plant yeast donuts. Lunch: famous Rays pizza in times square or a gyro from the street. Dinner Sushi. Coffee: Stump town or Blue Bottle Coffee. Shopping: Boutiques in Soho and Century 21. 

STB : What is your favorite part about modeling for STB?
Taylor : This is the easiest question for me.  Modeling for Single Thread has made me comfortable modeling clothes, realizing how they look behind the camera, and finding out what compliments me in pictures.  When I first started I thought that it was a good opportunity for me as far as modeling goes.  Now that I have been with STB for awhile I have realized it is WAY beyond modeling. The Single Thread girls are my family. They are amazing girls with huge hearts and we would do anything for each other.  (can I get an aww!  We love you too T!)

STB : You just turned 20!  All of us as women have been in that stage where we are changing and maturing.  What is something you feel like you've learned since you've started college?
Taylor : I have always been an independent woman as far as getting stuff done on my own. Since college started, I have learned how to be more independent with money and responsibilities. Paying for my own things has taught me a lot about managing my budget. My parents have been teaching me how to build up my credit, that is something that I have learned a lot about and will use for the rest of my life. 

And there you have it!  We all know now that Taylor loves coffee (she fits in perfectly with the STB team), but we also found out she's athletic, she has confidence and owns who she is, and has an amazing connection to her religion!  Check back in October for our next Q&A with one of our STB models! 

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