Fall is here ladies!  It's my favorite time of the year, not only because of the changing of the leaves and the cooler temps, but it's also the time of year to rock my favorite denim.  Between running two stores, managing a website, and shooting pictures, I'm really hard on my jeans.  I'm on my knees unpacking boxes, moving fixtures, resizing...the list goes on and on!  

I found an interesting article about caring for your denim and had to share with you!  When you properly take care of your denim, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars, you can spend half of that and have jeans that last you years.  Here are a list of tips to get the most wear out of your denim this season:

  1. Don't wash your jeans too often.  I'm not saying never wash them, but you don't have to wash them after wearing them once or twice.  In fact, the less frequently your jeans touch water, the longer the color will last.  This is especially true for black denim!
  2. If you're like me, you are going to wash them eventually, so make sure you do it the right way!  Make sure you wash them inside out, on cold, with mild detergent.  Most importantly, let them air dry!  They may get wrinkled and stiff, but it's nothing a little tumble dry can't fix when they are dry.  
  3. What if they smell?  Well, there is always our trusty friend Febreze, but my favorite solution is hanging them outside and letting them air out.  I'm already getting a flashback of taking clothes off the line when I was a kid!
  4. Do you ever have that issue where your jeans stretch out and get too baggy?  Here's a tip, look at the fabric content!  Denim has evolved a lot, and the fabrication has changed.  Most denim is pre-washed so it isn't going to shrink, but they've also learned to love spandex!  Ever since jeggings have become popular, we are seeing denim with anywhere from 2-3% spandex.  This type of denim will hold it's shape the best and won't stretch out.
  5. Does your old denim have holes in the knees or has faded from years of wear and tear?  Don't throw them out!  We love refurbishing our favorite denim and are always obsessing over Pinterest for cute ideas!  Patch the holes with lace, add a funky print underneath, or simply wear leggings underneath to give it a trendy twist!  Here are a few of our favs:
Photo courtesy of: Four Marrs and One Venus
Photo courtesy of stylecaster.com
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