This week there is snowfall (EEK?!) all across the Midwest so I’m soaking up the last bright yellow leaves raining over my backyard. Transitioning to winter in Nashville means always being prepared to experience 30 degree and 80 degree weather days back to back. We don’t know the meaning of “putting away your summer clothes,” because tomorrow may very well feel like summer. 

In the last four years I have developed one very serious strategy to coping with this: mix and match layering. I typically stick to seasonally warm colors and prints that can be layered with sweaters or jackets if unexpectedly necessary. Three-quarter sleeve shirts are easy grab-and-go’s for the warmer days, but I go for longer tunics and thin sweaters in the evening. Single Thread’s long white tunic with angled bottom paired with a modern poncho is a curvy girl’s dream. The pieces move with your body and flatter curves without constricting you while you’re out there chasing down your dreams. 

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