IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. Christmas for me is such an exciting time, getting to see your family for the one time that year, giving gifts, and my favorite part is the style changes. You go from your fall colors with jeans to dresses and heels! Changing your style of clothes also means changing your hair and makeup styles. Everyone gets a little fancier around the Holidays! Wondering some ways to switch it up this holiday season? 

Ponytail: This look is so beautiful and timeless. Do you ever envy those women in hollywood with the insanely long pony tails because of extensions and wish you could do that without paying a high price? Look no further, this ponytail is actually 2 ponytails. By dividing your hair into two sections  horizontally and putting the bottom pony (invisible) closer to the center of the back of your head and letting the hair from the higher (visible) pony cover it, it will add length that isn’t “actually” there. 

Photo Courtesy of BuzzFeed

LIPLINER: Everyone contours their face and their eyes by applying darker colors on the outside and lighter on the inside. So why don’t we contour our lips too? Too often I see people do fabulous makeup and just throw on one lip color… WHY? You always want to give your lips dimension just like all of your other makeup! I always apply the darker color to the outer corners and the lighter color in the middle, highlighting the center of your lips and adding depth. You don’t have to only use two colors though, you can always use more! Experiment and try new things! By doing this it will make your lips look fuller and come to life!

Products used: NYX lipliner in Mahogany on outer corners, NYX lipliner in Mauve in center.

Photos by Alisha Sims Photography
Make Up and Hair by Catie Ash

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