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New Year, New You?

Sara Kamman

Posted on December 31 2014

Ahhh, the New Year.  The time of year we all regret those extra 5 (okay more like 10) pounds of food, desserts, wine, and eggnog we ingested over the holidays.  Don't get me wrong, all of that stuff was DELICIOUS, and well worth it after the busy year we had.  But now as I sit here in my pants, suffocating from the tight waist line and the button digging into my stomach, I keep telling myself NO MORE!

Every year I feel like I go through this.  I do great for the first six months, but then the busy season of retail kicks in and that automatic withdrawal from the YMCA seems redundant.  So, instead of giving myself a fitness goal this year, I decided to give myself a different kind of goal.  I was curious as to what my #STB girls had in mind for their resolutions, so I asked them to give me one of their 2015 resolutions.

Lauren - STB Manager (Evansville)

"Make plans to see friends more"

Lauren is super busy with school, assisting Castle High School Cheer, working with the UCA Cheer Staff, oh ya, and also managing Single Thread in Evansville so we understand why she'd like to see her friends more!

Caitlin - STB Manager (Huntingburg)
"To turn off my phone occasionally and just live in the moment. :)"

I think we could all do a  little good by turning off our electronics and living in the moment!

Brandy - STB Sales Babe (Evansville)
"My resolution is to remember to spend my free time in ways that will enable those around me and/or myself to grow in as many different ways as possible. "

Brandy has been with us from the very beginning and we've seen her grow into the lovable and sometimes shy STB babe that she is.  Her resolution solidifies that even more! (FYI, Brandy is the blonde in the middle) 

Ali - STB Sales Babe (Evansville)
"I'd like to work on losing 30 pounds as my main resolution"

We think Ali looks FAB just the way she looks, but I feel you girl :)  My biggest advice to everyone is as long as you feel good in your skin, then that's all that matters!

So what is my resolution?  My resolution is to take more time for myself in 2015.  I've been so focused the last few years on our small business to really take time to do things for myself.  I'm going to make time to spend with my family and friends, to get those pedicures and massages I love, and maybe even take a vacation longer than 3 days!  I hope everyone spends tonight enjoying the rest of 2014.  I'll be spending my time with Nathan reflecting on just how lucky I am.  Cheers to 2015!



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