Ohhh February...I have a love/hate relationship with you.  I love you because you are the end of the inevitable winter weather I despise.  You are the month of love, the last month (hopefully) of dreary and cold weather, and I can feel the warmth of imaginary sunshine on my skin that will come in just a few weeks.  We first have to get through this short month, which is no small feat.

We are done with buying chunky sweaters and want to start getting our spring wear out to show the world!  However, with it being 40s to 50s during the day and 20s to 30s at night we have to get creative with our outfits!  Mixing and matching your seasonal pieces is easier than you think!  You can take those lightweight tops and layer with your dark denim and chunky scarves when it's cooler outside, or if you experience one of those 60 degree days like we did this weekend, then pair over a thick knit maxi skirt and some cute boots!

Get your mixing and matching fix with some of our new arrivals at www.singlethreadboutique.com by clicking on the images below!

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