Claire was my first model at STB!  She's been with us for over two years and is one of those people who's smile will light up any room.  I want you all to get to know Claire a little better in our "Get To Know" blog!

STB : Tell us a little about yourself!
Claire: I am a sophomore at Indiana University majoring in Apparel Merchandising and minoring in the Kelley School of Business. I'm from a small town, Mt. Vernon, IN but travel to Evansville almost on a daily basis. Hobbies of mine include crafting, fitness, music, hanging out with friends and family, and knowing odd facts about celebrities. I've been with Single Thread for almost two years and love having the opportunity to model and represent the store!

STB: You are now a sophomore at IU, what can you tell our followers about what's different between freshmen year to now?
Claire: Sophomore year has been just as challenging as freshman year. When going to any college or university, especially away from home, it is important to maintain the values of school work. College is hard and so is time management. But college also has its perks to. Being in a sorority is life changing where you make life long friendships and learn about yourself along the way. I'm in Zeta Tau Alpha here at IU and was recently elected chapter president which has already taught me even more about time management and myself. Zeta has given me a home away from home already and is already making me so sad in knowing that college doesn't last forever so I need to truly make the most of these years while I'm here. 

STB: What do you LOVE about modeling for Single Thread?
Claire: My favorite part about being an STB model is definitely the look book shoots and its also awesome to see how much Single Thread has grown from the time I started there. I love telling all of my friends about it here at school and it's always so great to hear them say they bought stuff online and really like what there is to offer! Also I love just the opportunity of being a model, its an opportunity that probably won't last forever so I'm loving it while it lasts.

STB: What are some of your favorite trends for spring and summer?
Claire: My favorite trends for this spring would definitely be pom pom shorts and kimonos. Kimonos can dress up any simple outfit or can be worn casually with a simple tank. I love the effect pom pom shorts can have, especially when they come in fun floral prints. Being a college student on a big campus such as IU, comfort is key which is why casual and comfy is what I go for before class.

STB: If you had a chance to be any celebrity, who would it be?
Claire: If I had to be a celebrity I would most definitely wish to be Lauren Conrad. I mean who wouldn't? Through all of her fame, she is still grounded and I respect that she keeps her personal life private. She's hardworking, kind, and continues to be well respected by others in the industry. I also admire that she started at the bottom as an intern for Teen Vogue, moved on to People's Revolution, and later on created her own fashion line as well as books that teach women how to feel most beautiful in their own skin. I love how any ounce of fame that she has received hasn't changed her as a person. I feel that's extremely important to stay true to yourself. 

STB: You're studying the same major as me at my alma mater, what is it that you love about fashion?
Claire: What I love about fashion is how it continues to change which is a big reason why I would like to make a career out of it. When I wake up every day in the working world, I want to love my job and and to never have the same day twice. The opportunity in the fashion world is very "hit or miss" but I've always been a big believer in ambition and hard work getting you to where you want to be. I feel like this is an industry that will make me learn a lot about myself in the long run and will take me places that I could have only dreamed of. 

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