Take a casual drive by 4th street in Huntingburg and you’ll notice a change in scenery.  There is no longer a green sign hanging above a brick structure.  There aren’t mannequins posing with trendy clothes inside large paned windows.  There is no chalkboard sign out front beckoning customers to come in to see the newest arrivals.  Why?


Even five months after our move, we still have people frantically calling us asking if we’re still open.  And we gladly answer with a YES!  While still on 4th street, our new (and larger) location is right on the corner of Main Street/US 231 and 4th Street. 

Yup, prime location.  I’m sure you can hear any real estate agent chant “location, location, location.”  And you know what, they’re right.  Not only does it offer us a high traffic location, but you benefit as well.  You are merely STEPS away from Cool Beans and their coffees and treats.  It’s a win-win in our book!

Waltz though the door and you’ll notice racks upon racks off the hottest clothing to hit our area.  The walls are painted in a creamy white with accents of neutral greys, industrial pipes, and old barnwood. 

Move past the wood wall and you’ll notice three dressing rooms.  It’s an upgrade from the two at our old storefront.  We still managed to keep our signature “Yes, No, Maybe” hooks.  They are a customer favorite!  You will also see three oversized chairs.  Perfect for the man in your life to plop down on while you're trying on all those clothes.

With our move, we gained valuable square footage.  And that can only mean more clothes!  While our location has changed, our underlying goals haven’t.  We still provide trendy, yet affordable clothing to everyone.

You heard us right, darn near everyone.  Our main lines carry XS-L, but you can’t forget about our Curvy line.  These styles range from XL-3XL.  Starting soon, we will be offering a STB Men’s line.  Spoiler Alert!  The product is on location, steamed and ready.  We are putting the finishing touches before we officially launch it!  Think casual flannels, polos, and button downs for that handsome man in your life.  And luckily for you Hburg shoppers, the Men’s line will first be available only at the Huntingburg store.    

And something you may not notice, but our employees are ever so thankful for, is the storage we’ve gained.  If any of you were lucky (or unlucky) enough to see our old clothing/packing storage at the old location, you would know it was only a SMALL and tiny hallway.  That meant we were constantly climbing over boxes just to get tissue paper to pack orders.  Now we have an entire room.  For us, the move was totally worth it!

Many of you may know this, but we are now open on Mondays!  Go ahead and squeal!  From 12:00-5:00 our doors are open and ready to assist you.  Our increased demand has led us to open up an extra day.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Because of our increase growth, go ahead and grab that outfit you love.  Chances are it won’t be here next time.  Our styles sell out quickly!  I’ve let so many pieces slip through my fingers thinking it would be here the next time I worked.  Nope.  Some other fine lady is working that hot outfit I loved.   We rarely restock clothing because we want to provide you with the newest clothing from market to date. 

For the shoppers who have come into our new store, we thank you!  Thank you for coping with us during our transition and staying loyal to us.  Shopping local is not just a marketing term for us at STB, it’s a way of life.  And for those of you who haven’t come through the doors for a while, why don’t you stop on by and let us help you feel amazing!

Huntingburg’s hours are Monday 12-5, Tuesday-Friday 10-6, & Saturday 10-5 EST.  You can call us at (812) 683-0100 or visit our website!  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates!

-STB Babe

Caitlin <3

Huntingburg Store Manager

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