CONFESSION: Ask me years ago if I would ever wear a jumpsuit in public and I would probably respond with a H-E-double hockey sticks NO!  The thought of putting on a one piece number made me want to cringe.

But the jumpsuit trend is hot…and now I’m kinda digging it.

It’s crazy how much our style can change over a few years, or let alone a few months.  I think the romper craze has undoubtedly helped us ease into this trend.  Just think of a jumpsuit as a romper with legs.  There.  Now it’s cool.

First of all, it’s black.  Now we all know trends come and go.  And if I'm being honest, this will probably be one of those outfits my (future) kids will make fun of me for.  But ya know what, that’s what trends are all about: having fun with items while they are in.  At least years down the road black can make a trendy piece still look chic.

Another reason I love it is because it actually fits.  For all my tall bean pole friends out there, this one is for you.  The length is perfect for my 5’8” frame.  The straps are even adjustable so they can give anyone around my size a little more/less length.  Another reason I love this is for the pant legs.  The semi-sheer material helps to show off the partial lining underneath.  It helps give the look of a romper.  You’re able to pull off the jumpsuit trend without diving into the deep end.  It also has a killer keyhole back.  I’m a sucker for back details!

This next one is available in store.  And it’s perfect for those on the opposite end of the size spectrum.  My petite girls…this one has your name on it!

The fun jungle print is sure to capture everyone’s attention!  This bold pattern is tamed down a bit with the elegant black and white color combo.  I love the black band around the middle to accentuate your waist.  And it has POCKETS!  Am I the only one that gets excited when things have pockets?!

And last but not least, this navy jumpsuit will have you feeling like a bombshell!  The sexy silhouette has a seductive sweetheart neckline with a v-cutout.  Be prepared because this one will make your man blush.  Along the side bodice is an intricate knot tie. This little detail is what makes this jumpsuit!

So go ahead and try one of these one piece outfits on for size.  You may turn into a believer! :)

STB Babe,

Caitlin <3

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