#FashionFridays - Top 3 Weekend Favs

Happy Friday ladies! Is it just me, or has this past week been super crazy? This week at STB, things have been crazy busy because we have received so many new arrivals! How exciting is that? I think this calls for a celebration for 1. Getting through this week and 2. Welcoming all the cute, new summer clothing at STB. So, take a seat, grab your drink of choice, and enjoy today’s post because it’s going to be our favorite new arrivals! It was hard to choose, but I think we narrowed it down to our top 3.

Favorite #1

Seriously, how cute is this romper? This is Sara’s favorite new arrival, and who can blame her? Rompers are the easiest piece of clothing to wear during the summer because they give off the It-looks-like-I-tried–so-hard-to-put-together-this-outfit-but-really-I- didn’t vibe. What we love about this romper are the bright colors and little pom poms that line the hem. Oh, and the material is super lightweight, so it’s not going to stick to you like second skin if you are out in the summer heat.

Rompers are very versatile in the sense that they are easy to dress up or down, and you can accomplish this with so many different accessories! If you want to wear this for a night out, add some bracelets and wedges, and you’re done-simple. If you are more of the casual type, which Sara claims to be, add some cute sandals and a slouchy handbag for the perfect casual summer vibe. Either way, you can’t go wrong with our Floral Paradise Strapless Romper!


Favorite #2

One of my favorite pieces to wear during the summer is a simple graphic tank top because you look cute while staying cool. This Young and Free Tank Top is a staple item that every woman should own! First of all, this shirt is SO soft! I am the type of person that has to feel everything before I buy it (I really hope I’m not the only one…) because I don’t like my clothes being itchy. It was love at first touch with this shirt. That’s not all that sold me though! This racerback top is flattering in the fit, and I love the simple color scheme. Sometimes it’s the simple clothes that make a big statement.

My favorite way to wear this graphic tank is with denim shorts, some aviator sunglasses, and a plaid shirt around my waist. To be honest, that is probably one of my go-to summer outfits. I love pairing a plaid, button-up shirt with this outfit because I am usually freezing. This is why having a layering piece is so nice, and what better way to do that than with a button-up around your waist. Who knows, maybe it’s the inner 90s child coming out in me.  At STB, we loving pairing our Plaid and Proud button-up with this graphic tank. Take a look!


Favorite #3

Last, but certainly not least, our third new arrival favorite is this gorgeous shift dress! During the summer, there seems to be a never-ending list of parties and celebrations to attend, and this is where owning a shift dress comes in handy. Our Blue Ribbon Winner Shift Dress is super cute, easy to dress up, and very comfortable. One of the great things about shift dresses is that it’s easy to make an outfit with because all you have to do is just throw it on and go! Let me break it down for you.

Outfit 1: Dress + sandals + statement purse= casual outfit

Outfit 2: Dress + heels + statement necklace= formal outfit

Outfit 3: Dress + bare feet + sand= perfect beach outfit

See what I mean? The options are endless! A shift dress makes dressing for the summer easy and fun!

As I was looking over this blog post before I published it, I noticed a trend in our favorite new arrivals- fast and easy to style! With these articles of clothing, for the most part, all you have to do is just throw it on and go. Isn’t that so nice? STB carries so many pieces like this, and it really helps because taking 30 minutes to style an outfit can be really tiring.

I hope our favorites inspired you to take a look at the rest of our new arrivals, and hopefully, this post also gave you insight on how to style some summer staple items! Which piece was your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and if you have anything specific that you would like to see on our blog, let us know!

Have a great weekend ladies!

STB Babe


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