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Bridal Shower Attire for You and the Bride!

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on June 10 2015

We all know weddings aren’t just a one day event.  You have the wedding itself, the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner (if you’re lucky enough to be a part of the festivities).  With all those events, you obviously need something to wear. 

I’m dedicating this post to bridal showers.  My heart goes out to all of you.  I’m sure each and every one of you have texted your friends the day of the shower asking what they are wearing.  It’s one of those events where the attire is somewhat unknown.  You will see it all.  There will be people wearing jeans and a nice top, and there will be those decked out with jewels in a pretty dress.

These are a few picks that we girls at STB approve of.

And did you notice something?  None of these dresses are white.  Let’s take this time to go over a very simple rule.  If ya aren’t the bride, don’t wear white. 

I repeat.  DON’T. WEAR. WHITE. 

I like to think of it as common sense, but there is always that one straggler in the crowd that seems to be flaunting their white getup.  You are being forewarned.  You will be judged.

But if you are the bride, rock that white dress!  This is the time you are allowed to wear white to a bridal event.  Soak. It. Up.  I think this dress is perfect for the occasion!

Congrats to all of our STB brides out there!  *cue the mimosas*

STB Babe,

Caitlin <3

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