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#How to Wear It - Backpacks, The Newest Trend

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on June 18 2015

Never did I ever think backpacks outside of school would be a cool thing.  I mean really y’’s a thing now.

Just to clear the air, we aren’t talking about your old, faded JanSport bag from middle school that’s been up in your attic for years.  Lord, no.  I’m getting an asthma attack just thinking about all that dust.  We are talking about the new generation backpacks that are sweeping the streets today.


Why did these ever go out of style?  They are practical as all get out.  And let’s not forget they're handsfree.  That makes it perfect for all you baby mamas out there!  I love this backpack from Nordstrom.  Blush is so hot right now!  It helps give your outfit a little pop of color, but you know it’s going to match pretty much anything!


If you aren’t afraid of a little color, why not throw on this yellow and beige pack?!  The simplicity of this bag is what is my fav!  The contrasted colors are sure to grab people’s attention!  Urban Outfitters offers this bag in yellow (shown), black, and blue.


This next one marks off every box on my checklist.  It has fringe and it’s neutral!  I’m on a fringe kick lately.  So when I spotted this bag, it was a definite add to the list.  I love the drawstring closure and braided details all over the bag!


And we couldn’t go a whole post without a little pattern thrown in.  This Tom’s Ikat Print Backpack is definitely higher end compared to the other modestly priced bags pictured above.  But you can't forget Tom’s mission!  Every backpack purchased helps to fund their One for One model.  When you purchase a Tom’s product a person in need is then helped.  Bonus!  You can look chic while helping others.

Go ahead and sling that bag over your shoulder, throw on some big sunglasses, and strut your stuff!

STB Babe,

Caitlin <3


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