Caitlin's 2015 Summer Wishlist

Summer is here to stay!  Anyone living in Southern Indiana knows it feels like a sauna outside.  But nonetheless, it’s a great time of the year!  The winter coats are long gone and the thick sweaters are resting in their Rubbermaid grave for a few months. 

Once summer rolls around, I always seem to be making out a list of “necessities” for the upcoming weather.  These items are gracing my wish list this season.

I’ve fallen head over heels for this trend…gladiator sandals.  Years ago I saw a picture of knee high gladiator sandals and began to question humanity.  But like any trend, I do things in moderation.  These cute sandals from Target are a hybrid of knee high sandals and cute flip-flops.  These babies are in my online shopping cart!

_DSC3168x.jpg     _DSC3861x.jpg

Hats are the bee’s knees right now.  Hair lookin’ like you survived a windstorm?  Hat it is.  I especially love wearing oversized floppy hats when I’m at the beach.  It helps keep your skin beautiful!  My great-grandma lived to be almost 102 and had the skin of a baby.  While out gardening she ALWAYS wore a sun hat.  If you take care of your skin now, it will take care of you in the future! 

I confess that I already bought our black and white Churchill Downs Striped Floppy Hat a few weeks ago.   But I want another.  A girl needs options.  The next thing to come home with me is surely going to be something similar to our Sunny Days Tan Floppy Hat.

Oh yes!  Flash tats.  It took a while for these to grow on me.  These metallic temporary jewels are similar to your childhood tattoos.  Think into your past to the drippy paper towel and patiently counting only to reveal a half attached Cinderella…  

But these are even better.  They sparkle!  And not to mention, they look like jewelry.  I think that’s what I like most about them.  While this wouldn’t be something I would wear on an everyday basis, I can totally see myself rocking a bracelet tat while on the beach this summer.

Is it just me or are pineapples the coolest right now?!  I couldn’t resist this Kate Spade pineapple case!  I love sporting a bright case around the summertime.  Just looking at this case makes me daydream about the beach!

You can’t go wrong with a fun nail polish!  I love this shade by Essie called Bikini So Teeny.  It is the perfect shade of light blue!  This color would really pop against your summer skin!

These are a few items that I have been dying to get this summer.  What are some of yours?  Comment below with your summer wants! :)

STB Babe,

Caitlin <3


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