Look at our website and you may spot a trend.  Fringe out the wazoo, my friends!  We have so many pieces with tassels and fringe it’s crazy. 

It’s a trend that has been contagious.  I found myself months ago looking for the perfect fringe bag.  Nothing too wild that someone could strange me with the strings, but still had some personality.  After hunting for a couple weeks and thinking I was about to raise the white flag in defeat, I found the perfect fringe crossbody.

After that purchase, I have slowly been integrating fringe into my clothing.  I can promise you a few of these pieces will end up in my closet sooner or later.

While we are on the subject of handbags, how presh is our black fringe crossbody?  The front flap closure and gold accents are to die for!  Not only is it cute, but it’s also functional.  Inside is a zipper closure and two pockets perfect for storing your cell phone and that pack of gum.

It’s all in the details!  The tassel hemlines on these tops totally make the outfit.  It transforms the shirt from a basic lightweight sweater to a freakin’ awesome number that your friends are sure to be envious of.

Let’s not forget the best part: SHOES!  Carry the trend to your little pedicured tootsies!  My favorite ones are the Living on the Fringe Black Boots.  When Huntingburg’s assistant manager, Jenna, and I tried them on, I’m pretty sure we heard angels sing.  Seriously.  And don’t forget the fringe booties!  They have been a best seller. 

We also love our Madden Girl Demi Fringe heels.  Yup, you read right.  Madden Girl!  But these babies top them all!  Our Lets Be Fringe Rust Boots are begging to go line dancing at a honky-tonk!

So swing on in to your nearest STB to snatch your favorite fringe pieces!

STB Babe,

Caitlin <3



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