Friday is the best day!  Don't you agree?!

It's time for another STB Babe of the Week, y'all.  This pretty thing caught our eye right away!  Read on to hear why she is so fabulous!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Taylor, I am a senior at Henderson County High School.  Someday I hope to be a Criminal Attorney.  I'm a Pinterest and Etsy addict.  I also enjoy hand making most of my boyfriend and friend's gifts. 

What is the most embarrassing fashion trend you used to love in grade school?

Worst fashion trend was definitely 5th grade.  I would wear a tank top with a plaid shirt and button two of the buttons and tie the rest of it around my waist to make a knot.  It was awful but it was my favorite look to do.

Which season consists of your favorite trends and styles?

I love summer, but fall is my favorite season for fashion!  I just love layering.  Sweaters with cardigans/vest, scarfs, long necklaces, with some skinny's and boots.  I LOVE riding boots and booties! 

What inspires you in terms of selecting garments from STB and why do you enjoy shopping at STB?

I love anything sheer, lace, or with embellishment.  My style is very contemporary and casual preppy.  I enjoy shopping at STB because it's a cheaper way to dress in my favorite kind of fashion, and all of the clothes are so soft and so cute.  I look forward to any new arrivals y'all have! 

What is your favorite STB piece(s)?

I LOVE the Aztec Puff vest!  As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it for my senior pictures!  Another favorite which I bought as soon as I saw it, is a soft knit top with sheer chiffon details.  I own that sweater and had had my eye on it for a while but I hadn't seen it in the store till recently! 

Taylor's Fav: Where's The Puff Aztec Vest

Taylor's Fav: Where's The Puff Aztec Vest

Taylor's Fav: Casual Friday Cream Sheer Sweater

Taylor's Fav: Casual Friday Cream Sheer Sweater

Thanks so much for being our Babe of the Week, Taylor!  Don't forget to tag us @singlethreadbtq for a chance to be next week's babe!

STB Babe,

Caitlin <3

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