We came.  We conquered.

Las Vegas had always been on my bucket list.  Granted I went for work, I still felt like I got a good whiff of what Vegas is all about.  And I mean that literally... Vegas had a couple funky smells.

The adventure began Saturday.  We drove up to Indy that evening in preparation for our early flight Sunday morning.  We got up at 4:30.  I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but believe me, I had my fair share of it that day. 

Sunday was our day to relax at the Wynn.  Let’s just call it the calm before the storm.  We sipped mojitos by the pool in 110 degree temps.  Thank goodness Vegas doesn’t have the humidity of Indiana, but nonetheless, it was hot.

IMG_3357.JPG           IMG_3358.JPG

That evening we hit up the OffPrice show and came away with some rockin’ jewelry from cash and carry.  That means it came home with us!  So be on the lookout within the next week for some sweet accessories.

The next day was market.  I soon learned that the words market and madness are synonyms.  I was in awe of all the vendors and their displays at Magic.  It wasn’t just a bunch of tables set up the evening before, it was massive walls with backlit signs trucked in from cross country.  It. Was. Awesome!

We were there the entire day just to focus on clothes.  It was that big. 

The next day we went to Project to look at menswear.  Who knew shopping for guys could be fun?!  Here is a sneak peak of just one of the vendors we bought from!

Later we went back to Magic to look at shoes and accessories.  Shoes had its own separate wing and was two stories.  It was every girl’s dream.  We walked away with orders for heels, boots, and booties. 

And don’t forget about the accessories!  We ordered so many purses Sara and I couldn’t carry them all up to place our order.  We ended up throwing them in a pile and we placed our order while sitting on the ground.  Yup, that many bags.  We also came away with a HUGE order for beanies, boot socks, and head wraps.  You’re gonna love ‘em!

So I can say Vegas was a success for us STB gals!  Not only did we get to enjoy Vegas in our downtime, we also ordered some amazing stuff.




So would I go back?  Without a doubt.

STB Babe,

Caitlin <3


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