It's time for the weekly round up!  This week's new arrivals are to die for.  Most of these are our Vegas market picks back in August!

Coming at you are my favorites for the week!

Boots.  Need I say more?

No, but I'm going to anyway.  These boots are sexy!  I don't know if its the chunky heel, the zipper, or the tied laces.  This shoes are sure to make heads turn!

Talk about the perfect handbag!  This guy gives you just enough room to throw in all your essentials.  But at the same time isn't too bulky that everything ends up in your purse.  In other words, it's not so big that you will find a half eaten sucker from last month when you start cleaning it out.

Plus, it's charcoal colored.  Greys are the newest black.  This bag will compliment any outfit you throw with it.  And don't forget the detachable cross-body strap!

And while we are on the grey train, check out this quote tee!  I think this tee speaks for itself!  And did we mention it's $18.  Ya, that's no typo.  Imagine this baby paired with a black leather jacket and some skinny jeans!  You'll look good, little biker babe!

Only two more, I promise!  Of course this had to be in my weekly picks!  I love basic pieces like this to layer with.  This would be cute with a cardigan or utility jacket.  And the price can't be beat at $16!

And what the heck?!  Why not throw in another pair of shoes.  These booties are the perfect amount of casual slouchyness.  Yes, I made that up.  But it works.  These can be put with any outfit to add an edgy flare.

So hurry in-store and online to check out even MORE new arrivals for this week!

STB Babe,

Caitlin <3


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