Let me tell you, this girl is a smart (and pretty) one!  She tagged us wearing STB and is now the proud winner of a $10 gift certificate. 

Let's learn from the wise words of Reagan.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

My name is Reagan and I'm a senior at Jasper high school... Headed to IUPUI to study Business and Philanthropy with the hopes of having my own non-profit business.  I love playing volleyball and I'm very active in YoungLife, a Christian organization.


What is the most embarrassing fashion trend you used to love in grade school? 

Most embarrassing trend for me.... I loved the middle parted pig tail braids and wore stuff that was too big for me just to be comfortable!!  I've learned how to style my hair since then as well as what the proper size of clothing is for me!  Also just loved good ol' gauchos!


Which season consists of your favorite trends and styles?

I would have to say fall has my favorite clothing fashion... I love huge scarves and sweaters... Leggings and leather boots.  I love the colors of summer, though, and the Ugg boots of Winter.


What inspires you in terms of selecting garments from STB and why do you enjoy shopping at STB?

When shopping at STB, I'm actually often times inspired to purchase an item due to the Instagram page modeling it so well!  But other than that... It's kind of random.  STB isn't a hit or miss... I always find at least one thing I love.  Usually one thing plus a few more :)

What is your favorite STB piece(s)?
Right now my favorite item I have from STB is the Some Like It Hot Red Dress... I love love love it.

Don't you just love this girl?  Thank so much Reagan for being this week's STB Babe of the Week!!

STB Babe,

Caitlin <3

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