I like to think I'm a well-rounded lady. 

While I love getting dressed up to go out on the town, I'm not afraid to get a little dirty.  Just the other night I was mowing the yard and I'd like to give you a little visual.  I'm in my hubby's sweatpants with some bright yellow headphones on jamming to the radio.  Now I'll remind you that until this past weekend it hadn't rained here for quite some bit.  So as I'm mowing I look like Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown.  I'm pretty sure I had a permanent dust cloud around me the whole time.



Photo Credit: http://www.clipartpanda.com/clipart_images/pig-pen-32485408


So as I was saying, I'm not afraid to get dirty.  With that being said, you can usually find me doing some type of project around the house with my free time.  You'll see me with spray paint under my nails (because who likes to wear gloves?) or a drill in my hand.  I love anything house related. 

Crafting falls under this category.  So come fall time I had to find a cute little craft for you all.  Drum roll please....

The Wine Cork Pumpkin!


Photo Credit: http://blog.consumercrafts.com/seasonal/cork-diy-pumpkin-decor/


All credit goes to Ashley from Consumer Unleashed.  Now you can put all those wine corks from your many bottles of Moscato to good use.

Head over to Ashley's post to get the full tutorial for this fun and easy craft.  But I'll sum it up for you.  Grab your hot glue gun and start gluing the corks into a pumpkin shape.  Top it off with a little stem.  Easy enough, right?  Add a coat of paint and a little leaf cutout to the top and you're almost done.  Ashley recommends gluing two corks to the backside to make a stand.  And that's it!

I love it!  I think it's a quick, fun craft to do with your girlfriends.  If you make it, make sure to tag me @caitlin.fawn on Instagram.  I would love to see your creations!

Until next time!

STB Babe,

Caitlin <3


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