Oh So BLUE for You!

Can you guess what my favorite color is?

Yup, it's blue.  I guess the title gave that one away. :)

My favorite color has never changed.  Most kids would change their favorite color more than they change socks, but I developed a loyal relationship to the color blue.

If we really want to get into the nitty-gritty, I love the shade "Cerulean" from the Crayola box, more specifically the color you get when you push down really hard.  (Am I the only one who thought pressing harder while coloring made the best pictures?)

Ok, enough childhood reminiscing.  Let's get down to the new arrivals!  I wonder what color they are.....


Let's starting from the top.  Our Fond Memories Blue Dress is an adorable embroidered shift dress!  The contrasting orange and grey embroidery and frayed trim make this to die for! 

The next block shows our Black Swan Ethnic Babydoll Tunic, All Time High Knee High Riding Boots, and our Part of the Crew Blue Sweater.  The babydoll tunic not only has an awesome print, but it has the most amazing back!  When one of my customer's put this on, you could see her face light up!  You can tie it loose for a keyhole effect or even a bit tighter to only let a sliver of skin peek out.  And our riding boots are the perfect compliment to any of your new blue pieces.  They would look awesome with the blue sweater pictured above.  And it has elbow patches!  Enough said.

We hope you love these new arrivals as much as we do!

STB Babe,

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