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Pleather Leather. Say That Five Times Fast.

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on December 07 2015

What is it about leggings that make them so darn irresistible?  Is it because you can wear them out and still feel like you're in your pajamas?  Maybe.  Or that you can have a full range of motion?  Quite possibly.  Whatever your reason for legging love is, I could probably agree with you.

But with that being said, it couldn't be a complete legging post without a few rules.  I was always hesitant in the beginning to wear leggings because I was afraid I was going to commit one of these fashion felonies.  My motto is if you're questioning one of these rules and feel you are borderline committing one, take it off. 


Onto the rules:

1.  Cover it up.  Yup, we are talking about your toosh.  You don't want Grandpa Joe blushing when he catches all his buddies giving you the once-over.  Keep it covered.

2.  Never wear skin-colored leggings.  Without a doubt you will look pantless.

3.  And finally, double, if not triple check, that they aren't see-through.  We've all been to Walmart when Little Miss Thang is leaning down to grab the Oreos and you see her orange thong.  Yea, I said it.


But really, when wore right, leggings can be a great fashion item.  My favorite updated way to rock them is leather leggings (faux, that is).  Faux leather, pleather, whatever you want to call them, they are hot!

Here are some tops that pass rule #1.


Cozy Up with Crochet Wine Sweater:  This beauty is sure to look good on anyone.  The oversized sweater would be perfect to wear while opening presents with the fam on Chirstmas morning. 

Light as A Feather Heather Grey Top:  Notice in the picture one important detail.  It covers the bum!  Rule number one followed!  The shirttail hem on this top is perfect for leggings!

Green Fling Flowing Top:  This is our best selling tunic back in this fun green color.  It look great with leggings or jeans!  Pair it with a blanket scarf and you'll look so chic!


I hope you all try out the pleather legging trend!  It's one of my favorite trends this season.

STB Babe,


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