A Year End Letter From Sara <3

I’m just going to start this yearly review with this little gem:

2015 In A NutshelL


But seriously! 2015 came and just flew right past me in the matter of a heart beat. As with every New Year, I sit down and reflect on the past, present, and what I want the future to be like for me both personally and professionally. I officially only have a few months left in my 20s, and after the year I’ve had, I’m okay with it. I’m embracing my 30s with open arms (no, for real I am….with the help of a bottle of wine).

2015 was a really hard year for me. We went through a lot of growing pains with the business, and I struggled a lot with my identity. For years, I’ve tried to separate myself from my business – “My personal life is my personal life and it has nothing to do with my business life.” – yeah, nice try Sara.   I’ve finally embraced the fact that I am part of our brand at Single Thread. I’ve connected with you guys in a way I never thought possible. You guys get my insatiable appetite for a good drink and my inapproriate comments through my social media posts, and I LOVE it!

I knew I wanted to grow our business in 2016. 2012 we opened our Huntingburg store. 2013 we opened our Evansville store. 2014 we started our online business. I literally haven’t sat down to take a breathe in almost 4 years, but that’s who I am. So, 2015 was our struggle year. It was what I like to refer to as the “ferocious fours” year. Before I opened my business, I did all of my homework. I had everything lined out and planned. I didn’t plan for the unplanned though. The management of a bigger team, managing financials for a chain, and a growing business. I had someone at a point this year tell me that working 80 hours a week wasn’t enough and I wasn’t dedicated enough to my business (are you flipping kidding me?!) I wish when I started my business someone would’ve handed me a bottle of wine, a therapist, and a business card to a CFO. They don’t tell you that stuff in books.

But, and here comes the “inspirational” part, I learned SO much from this experience. I’ve learned how to be a better boss for my employees (yes, they all hated me I’m sure at some point, sorry girls!). I’ve learned to be a better friend, a better girlfriend (well now fiance, whoop whoop!), and a better person in general. I learned in 2015 that even with all the bad and the major stress, there will come the good.

In 2016, I will be getting married (yes this handsome man finally put a ring on it).

Sara And Nathan

STB will be expanding into a new city and a new state (hello Owensboro, KY, we are coming for you!) I’m also learning to take more time for myself (I know I say that every year), and this time I’m serious! 2016 may just be the best year yet.

Love always,


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