Believe it or not, Spring styles are making their way onto the floor at STB.  We're so excited, we wet our plants.*

*Is that saying getting old?  ..I thought so too...let's carry on. 

But really y'all, pastels and florals are coming at us faster than El Niño can stir up a rain storm.

Many people are surprised to hear we get new arrivals weekly!  It's a blessing and a curse of the job because I feel obligated to try on the newbies.  That way I can tell customers info about the fit.  At least that's what I keep telling myself when I fall in love with everything.

Let's start with an STB favorite.  Remember, I'm a planner.  So I'm already thinking the Don't Make Me Blush Dress would be perfect for Valentine's Day!  And for all you men out there, recall that date is February 14.  (Don't forget the chocolate, Honey!)  That's why I'm in love with the Draped in Ivory Flowered Cardigan.  It's perfect for keeping the brisk air off your shoulders.  Not to mention our Over the Rainbow Necklace is just dainty enough to make a statement!


Come to Momma!  Have you seen this print?!  To die for.  Don't think that because it's a early Spring release piece it has to sit in your closet for another couple weeks.  Make it work, girl.  Pair some leggings and a cute cardigan with it!



Come on.  Have you seen anything cuter?  I love the simple two piece outfits picture above.  Our Swing and Sway Deep Sea Dress and Turquoise Treat Tassel Necklace look they like were made for each other.

Same goes for our Pretty as a Plum Lace Tunic and Feathered Arrow Necklace.  There is something so cute yet classy about this combo! 


So hurry in STB Babes while these new arrivals are hot!  You only regret the things you don't buy. ;)

STB Babe,



Bridget said:


I love the new spring arrivals coming in and hitting the website!! The floral dress is to die for, and your El Niño humor has being dying laughing !! I hope to come shopping in Huntingburgh soon to see your sweet face and try on some STB clothes! Lots of love

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