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A Little Post About My Favorite Accessory

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on August 26 2016

Can you guess one of my favorite ways to accessorize an outfit?  Yup, by the humongous photo below I'm sure you've assumed it's a floppy hat.  You are correct, young grasshopper.


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Grey Hat // Burgundy Hat // Charcoal Hat

Navy Hat // Black Hat


Seriously, if I ever feel my my outfit just looks so-so, the first thing I do is add another layer.  Whether this is adding a piece of jewelry, or layering a jacket over a basic top, that extra bit of depth to an outfit makes it!  But more often than not, the easiest transformation to an outfit is adding a floppy hat to your head!

All of the options above are so affordable!  If you haven't ventured into the floppy hat realm, I suggest starting out with a basic color.  If you have dark brunette or black hair, try a camel color or a light charcoal grey so it doesn't blend in too much with your hair color.  If you are rocking a blonde or light brown do, consider a basic black hat for starters.  I suggest avoiding something too beige.  If you are new to the trend, it's best to start with a basic color so you can pair it with more outfits!

And don't forget to stop into STB, we have a couple options for you as well!


Braided Floppy Hat - Black // $24.90


Anyone else ready to jump on the floppy hat bandwagon?

STB Babe,





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