A Little Post About My Favorite Accessory

Can you guess one of my favorite ways to accessorize an outfit?  Yup, by the humongous photo below I'm sure you've assumed it's a floppy hat.  You are correct, young grasshopper.


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Grey Hat // Burgundy Hat // Charcoal Hat

Navy Hat // Black Hat


Seriously, if I ever feel my my outfit just looks so-so, the first thing I do is add another layer.  Whether this is adding a piece of jewelry, or layering a jacket over a basic top, that extra bit of depth to an outfit makes it!  But more often than not, the easiest transformation to an outfit is adding a floppy hat to your head!

All of the options above are so affordable!  If you haven't ventured into the floppy hat realm, I suggest starting out with a basic color.  If you have dark brunette or black hair, try a camel color or a light charcoal grey so it doesn't blend in too much with your hair color.  If you are rocking a blonde or light brown do, consider a basic black hat for starters.  I suggest avoiding something too beige.  If you are new to the trend, it's best to start with a basic color so you can pair it with more outfits!

And don't forget to stop into STB, we have a couple options for you as well!


Braided Floppy Hat - Black // $24.90


Anyone else ready to jump on the floppy hat bandwagon?

STB Babe,





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