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Baby Weight : Keeping It Real

Sara Durcholz

Posted on January 17 2018

Everyone warns you about the baby weight when you're pregnant.  "Don't worry it just takes time." "Don't be hard on yourself, you just had a baby, you look great!" And you go into it thinking you won't be hard on yourself, you'll give yourself a break, you'll give yourself time to breathe and enjoy your baby.

I found out I was pregnant last November, and I remember sitting down with my best talking to her about her destination wedding.  I did the math and I would have 4 months to get bikini ready.  "4 months.  Yeah, that's plenty of time to get back to my body after my baby." Anndddd cue the crowd laughing at my naivety.  

Don't get me wrong, I would take every stretch mark and wrinkle for my baby!  Besides my husband, he is the most important thing in my life.  He's my baby, he's my heart, I carried him for 10 months so we just understand each other.

Photo by Alisha White of Fearlessly Feminine 

But, I had a relationship for 31 years with my body before he came along.  I had a comfort level, and we knew how to communicate with one another.  I'd have a few Double Stuff EL Fudge cookies, and my body would tell me to go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air and stretch (and work off those cookies).  

So after pushing a baby out and carrying that extra weight for almost a year, my body and I had some growing to do together and figure out our new normal.  Before Jamaica, I did what I could with the time that I had.  So did I get back in pre-baby shape before my trip?  Hahahahaha hell no.  

That is why I was SO happy to find Aerie swim!  When you pair just having a baby with not being comfortable in your skin, it is a huge struggle to not only shop for swimwear, but actually follow through and buy something.  

I found Aerie swimwear through Pinterest and just fell in love with their mission #AerieReal : "Before you love what you see on the outside, you have to love who you are on the inside.  #AerieReal is more than no retouching.  It's about empowering everyone to feel confident inside & out."


I love the real, no-retouching movement going on right now, but it is so much more than that.  It's about FEELING GOOD (hello to our mantra!) and loving your real-self.  Every curve, every stretch mark...real bodies.

They have swimsuits for all body types and I personally love their high-waisted two-pieces for my mom bod that I'm rocking these days!  I'm not sure if my body will ever be 100% what it used to be, but if is, it's going to take time.  These swimsuits are sexy, but cover me where I want covered.  They are comfortable and I am so confident in them!



From the outside, you probably wouldn't think I had a baby, but that doesn't mean that I don't struggle with body image.  Am I back to my pre-baby weight?  I am, but I don't feel like myself yet.  I don't feel strong like I used to.  Body image isn't just about a size, it's about how you FEEL.  So tell me, have you ever struggled with your own body image or accepting your body?  If so, how have you overcome it?


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