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Caitlin's (Almost) Fall Haul

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on September 14 2016

For the past month or two we have been getting Fall items in the store.  And while some people are trying to stretch out Summer as long as possible, us STB Babes are praying for a drop in temperature so we can wear our new Fall fashions.

Ask me if I was one of those crazy souls who purchased long sleeve items while it was still 90 degrees out.  Go ahead, ask me.


But now that we are past Labor Day and into the middle of September, I think it's completely acceptable to be buying Fall apparel.  If only mother nature would cooperate with us so we can finally wear them!


Navy Surplice Strappy Blouse // $34.90     Black Floral Long Sleeve Romper // $44.90

Wine Marbled Crew Neck Sweater // $39.90     Olive Shearling Suede Vest // $44


Just yesterday I made off with a few more items.  Oops.  For working in a clothing store I had been doing well and not taking home something each day.  Well, I blew that out the door and splurged a little.


Navy Surplice Strappy Blouse

Even though I am married and don't live at home anymore, somehow I think this top will make its way into my Mom's closet.  I bought it with her in mind, and the good daughter that I am, thinks I will surprise her with it.  Keep it a secret!  ;)

I knew if I wanted this I had to snatch it quick!  Last time we had a surplice top in it sold uber quick.  No matter your size, this style looks good on any body type.  The strappy front is perfect for staying up on the latest trend.


Black Floral Long Sleeve Romper

When I unboxed this romper, I knew I had to have it!  It's a great transition piece.  While I normally don't associate florals with Fall, the color combination in this piece is perfect!  The black acts as the perfect backdrop for the white, blush, and pink flowers.

The long sleeves make it great to wear during this transitional weather.  And don't think when it cools down you can't still wear it!  Throw a pair of black tights under it and add your favorite black boots.

And guess what I am wearing as I type this post?  You guessed it, this romper!


Wine Marbled Crew Neck Sweater

I was looking in my closet prepping the other day and noticed how few sweaters I had.  I don't know why since they are the easiest thing to put on in the morning to feel snuggly and warm.

So of course I had to add this guy in my bag.  It has the perfect amount of loose, slouchyness to it without looking frumpy.  I love the marbled two-tone wine color as well!


Olive Shearling Suede Vest

I'll admit I didn't get this vest along with the other pieces I bought yesterday, but why not include it?!  I got it about a week ago knowing it would quickly sell out once the weather starts to change.  I'm sure glad I did because even in the warmer weather it has been selling well!

Everyone knows a good vest can spice up any basic top.  The fact that this olive vest is made of faux suede and shearling adds to the awesome factor!


And this wasn't it all, I even bought a few more things.  Yet to hit online is an AWESOME olive top.  It's so basic, yet the knot detail on the front adds so much.  I can't wait to pair some knee-high boots with it.  This girl may have even taken a few new necklaces home as well...


STB Babe,



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