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Sara Says...Cleanse Your Style Palette

Sara Durcholz

Posted on January 29 2018

We feel totally cleansed right now after our huge sale which has us laser focused on SPRING. We've got some beautiful pieces just waiting to grace our racks and fill the store with their hope of warmer weather. But before we get all heart eyes for the lighter side, we want to give you some tips to cleanse your style palette.

There's nothing that we understand better than clothing infatuation. You see a piece hanging so gracefully on a display, it calls your name, and you flash forward in your mind to you wearing with literally everything. But when you get Beauty home, it doesn't woo you the same. You hang it up where it sits like one of Andy’s abandoned toys for the next two seasons. This is only one atrocity that muddies our style palette. Don’t forget impulsive buying, guilt buying, and addictive buying. So how do you avoid this heartbreak? You follow these tips.

1. Cleanse yourself.

While others might be cleansing their bodies in the new year, it's time you cleanse your closet. Clean out those abandoned pieces, rehome them, and make room for pieces that really work with your style and wardrobe.

2. Take inventory.

We’re not talking about the kind of mind numbing inventory counting that we get the pleasure of doing in retail. This is just paying attention to what you have, what works on you, and what is lacking after you've gotten rid of pieces. If you want to write it down, then ok you little neat freak, but otherwise just take a mental note. This is going to save you from buying those pieces that don't work with anything.

3. Choose your fav trends.

Time to start pinning! Sometimes it takes us a bit to digest a new trend and decide if we like it or not. Doing a little light style stalking will allow you to see how this trend is playing out. And you can love it or leave it.

4. Pick your colors.

You may not realize it, but most people have a color palette to their wardrobe or a set of colors they are more drawn to when buying. After you've taken inventory, look at what colors you have going on. Decided if you want to add anything new in and how it will match with the others. If you can get a color palette pretty tight, it makes shopping and styling very easy. And no don't choose alllll black. Sure it's easy, but come on, Spring is going to happen.

5. Get a game plan.

As silly as it sounds, plan it out. If you can afford to knock out a total new wardrobe at once, go for it. We want to watch! But if you're like the rest of us, you gotta pace yourself. Figure out what pieces you could use sooner than later, what pieces will last longer, and what pieces might be on sale now as opposed to later or vice versa.

Our last tip that we won't number, but we feel like we have to address is the occasional love affair. It does happen every once in awhile that we really fall hard for a style. It may not make any sense to your current style, you may have nowhere to where it, but you have to have it because it means more than a piece of clothing to you. Maybe it's a revenge piece or a “damn right I'm hot” piece, or a “I'm going to prove them wrong” piece. While we don't recommend doing this allll the time, we do believe in a little #treatyoself here and there.

This may sound like some effort, but imagine a closet you can really love, style easily, and really know that it works on you. I mean, I’m down for that.

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