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Color Me Spring

Sara Durcholz

Posted on February 26 2018


Spring brings all the bright and light colors that we love. Prints with florals, patterns, and color blocking boldy display our love of this colorful trend. I am not a stickler on color choice, but I do love a good color palette for the changing seasons. It seems we all sit eagerly on the edge of our chairs waiting for the next season’s colors from Pantone like we used to wait for a new Harry Potter book to be released. Well maybe not THAT excited, but still really excited.

A little background, Pantone is a company that created a color matching guide to be used across the textiles industry. Over the years, they are looked to for color trends. This season’s colors are pretty vast, but bold and beautiful in the same. I’ve picked out a few of our fav’s from Pantone to show how STB uses these palette’s in our styles.


I am always a fan of dramatics when it comes to fashion, but what I love about this palette is the equal acknowledgement of the beauty of softness. This floral dress carries the softness from the pink lavender and kicks it up with the boldness of the cherry tomato. This style is the perfect dress for spring with its lightness paired with an interesting print. I love it for everyday wear.

Nothing says playful like a romper, but accentuate it with these bright and bold colors from Pantone’s color palette, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate fun style for any spring occasion. This romper features a three quarter flowy sleeve and tie waist that gives you shape but flows nicely in the spring air. I love this for an outdoor concert, a girl’s brunch, or even for a fun date.

You can still make a statement without the boldest of the colors. We love this pairing of Pantone’s softer hues in one of our favorite styles. The pattern carries the dramatics, but the color palette is cool and calm. This dress is just the epitome of spring styles. The off the shoulder top, the lace detail, the floral pattern, and of course maxi length are perfect for weddings, Easter, and even if you’re having pictures done. It’s the perfect mix of boho classy.

No doubt you’ll start seeing this colors as your out and about shopping. And now you have a little knowledge on how they can work together in one style. For more of the Pantone colors for Spring 2018, check out their website at www.pantone.com.

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