Let me start out by saying, whoa! 

This is awkward.

This is a blog post with pictures of myself.  Yup, the face behind the blog is no longer pulling a Sia.  This is me...STB Babe, Caitlin.

On Sunday I was piddling at the computer when my phone dinged.  It was Sara and she asked me to model for outside social media pics.  *Que the heart palpitations*  You see, I'm usually the one BEHIND the camera taking pictures of Sara.

But hey, sometimes it's good to take a step out of your comfort zone. 





I'll give you a brief synopsis of each look.  This entire outfit is brand spankin' new.  I'm digging the basic navy v-neck sweater popped with the fuchsia blanket scarf.  It adds enough color and texture to an outfit to set it over the edge!  

And these JEANS!  Those are on my to buy list!  They are the equivalent of leggings in the jeans world.  So soft and oh so stretchy!  They are our premium denim line, but you get what you pay for.  I bought a pair last year and they show absolutely no signs of wear.  Plus, they are the perfect length to wear with our new rock 'n' roll cutout booties!




Let me start out by saying, FRENCH TERRY.  You know your favorite pair of pj's you have sitting on your bedroom floor that you slip on as soon as you get home?  Well, imagine your entire body cloaked in that yummy fabric!

This deep charcoal colored jumpsuit is perfect for those Mondays you can't part with your comfy pajamas.  But rather than walking out in public with Tweety Bird pants, you are sporting a casual yet trendy look!




What's the best way to dress up a basic tee?  Add layers.  Simple as that.  While I love this adorable football tee and it's striped sleeves, it does have a casual look to it.  But adding in this fringe poncho gives it that big of oomph to make it a fun Friday night outfit!




This has to be one of my favorite looks!  This surplice look has been rocking it at our stores!  It is a flattering look on anyone!  I'll admit I don't own anything camel colored, but I am LOVING this color!  I didn't know if it would wash me out with my skintone, but it's so flattering!  It has enough of a brown undertone that I think anyone can wear it! 

And tassels.  Need I say more?


I've been doing double takes the whole time while writing this post.  It's definitely something different seeing your own picture on the screen!  But doing a photoshoot was so much fun!  It gives another representation of how our clothes will look on another body type.  I am pretty long and lean so it gives our taller girls a visual of how things may lay on them.

This was a quick and spontaneous shoot, but who knows, you may see a little more of me down the road.  ;)


STB Babe,


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