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Everyone and Their Mother...

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on March 23 2017

I always think life's biggest events happen in phases.  You pop onto Facebook and see the girl from your psychology class your freshman year of college got engaged.  And then twelve posts later the high school sweethearts a grade above your class sealed the deal, too.  It all happens at once and then there is a slight lull in time.

Right now it seems like everyone and their mother is having babies.  Ok, that may not be the best phrase to emphasize my point.  It would be a little odd to be pregnant the same time as your mother... Let's toss that thought to the side.

But really, right now our Boss Babe is pregnant with her first little one.  And I don't even have enough fingers on two hands to name all the other people I know who are going through this life stage.  Heck, I just had a customer pop in just two days ago who hadn't been in for awhile.  She said she was pregnant and due in a couple months.  She hadn't been in because she didn't know if she could wear any of our clothes because of her cute bump.

Girlfriend, let me show you some options!



Slate Sleeveless Pocket Maxi Dress // $29.90

Basics are best!  Honestly some of the most simple pieces can be the best for your everchanging body.  This sleeveless maxi is perfect to throw on because you still look pulled together even when you just feel like lounging in your sweats!


Ivory Open Fringe Cardigan // $44

Even when you think nothing in your closet fits, a cardigan always will!  As long as you have a good tee that works for your belly, this will be bomb!  Grab this cardigan for those days you look into your closet with a blank stare. 


Black Sleeveless Pocket Maxi Dress // $29.90

Everything is better in black, especially if you are pregnant!  This is the same maxi style as the slate one pictured above.  I love the side slits because it keeps you cool on warm summer days.


White Sleeveless Chiffon Pocket Tunic // $38

While I have never been pregnant, nor am right now, I can only imagine tunics become your best friend once you hit this life stage.  The longer length is perfect for your ever-growing belly!  You don't have to worry about your midriff making an appearance unexpectedly.


Grey Floral Contrast Tunic // $35

Even when you are having a bad day of morning sickness, a little color can help brighten your day ever so slightly.  This fun grey floral pattern is perfect for a pregnant belly with it's high low hemline.  Even Boss Babe, Sara, thought this would be great on her!


As I've said, I've never been pregnant before so I could be out in left field with these suggestions.  But based off helping dress people of all shapes and sized for the last 2.5 years, I think these would be get picks for someone pregnant!

And by the way, that customer I talked about earlier who came in pregnant wondering if she could buy anything for her current body, ya she walked out with four things.  ;)

STB Babe,


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