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Flirting with Florals and Matchmaking Styles

Sara Durcholz

Posted on February 12 2018

Roses are red, violets are blue, you can flirt with florals too!

It's the week of love and whether you're a lover of Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, we've got the perfect match for you. Your counter or desk may be adorned with flowers this week, but we've got a better way to flirt with florals. Put them all over you. And we're not talking over covering yourself in petals (well you can do that too!), we’re talking about falling in love with the floral trend that we can't stop wearing. Take a look at our florals trends we've got waiting just for you!

Just a little bite

If you are the -dip your toe in to test the temp- kind of gal, then this is the perfect trend for you. This subtle floral trend pops up lightly on pieces to add a feminine and springy touch to the style. We are obsessed with this ultra flirty button up that scatters a floral pattern over the top of a thing striped pattern. The ruffle is the chocolate on the strawberry. This is the perfect piece to go from work to dinner with your boo or your gals this week.

Piece of cake

Sometimes you just want the whole piece. The embroidered floral trend is perfect for you! This standout detail that adorbs tops, dresses, and even denim really is the whole piece, but not the whole cake. The trend typically features embroidered florals on the sides of garments or the front. They are beautifully placed for the right amount of flirt. We love these styles hanging in our store now!

All in

If you're done with flirting and ready to make the ultimate commitment to this trend, we certainly know how you feel. All over floral patterns aren't your grandma’s florals. Sometimes all over prints can be intimidating because you feel like you get lost in the flora. But these prints are strategic like us. The right print paired with the right cut of style make it very easy to wear these confidently. We've got the most swoon worthy dresses covered in the right florals waiting for you!

Whatever your comfort level is with floral, we have a match for you just in time for VDay and GDay! It's time to get your flirt on with this spring trend.

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