This week has been crazy busy!  If you have been by the blog you noticed my posts, or lack thereof.  Let me start out by giving a big CONGRATULATIONS to our Boss Babe, Sara, for her marriage to Nathan last Saturday!  As you can expect, the girl needed some time off to recover and relax from all the wedding planning over the past year.  While she was gone we had a massive shipment of 17 new styles come on Tuesday.  So it was a date with the steamer for the better part of Tuesday and Wednesday for me.

Needless to say, the blog got put on the back burner.  But I'm back!  


If you have a man in your life, you are probably well aware that football season is in full swing.  Andrew reminds me the NFL has games Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, along with our High School playing Friday, and college games on Saturday.

So since football is in high gear I thought it would be the perfect time to dedicate a post on what to wear on game day!


Burgundy Double Stripe Sleeve Top // Navy Game Day Sweatshirt  // Ivory Double Stripe Sleeve Top // Red Game Day Sweatshirt

Hat // Earrings //  Buffalo Plaid Flannel // Converse


Let the game begin!  Why don't we start out from the top?  I love both our Double Stripe Sleeve Top and our Game Day Sweatshirt!  They are the perfect foundation to your outfit.  Each piece shows that you support your favorite team but doesn't scream that you have a 6 foot tall Fathead of the quarterback in your room. 


Any good outfit is created with great accessories!  Start out by adding a hat.  If you have read the blog for awhile, you will know I spent two years at IU and the remaining two at Purdue.  By all means I would have added a Purdue hat on there, but I didn't for three reasons: 

1. Sara graduated from Indiana University. 

2. I'm going up to IU next weekend to see some college friends. 

3.  Black and gold just wasn't flowing well with the collage.

Simple as that.  ;)


Back to the accessories.  I also think a pair of cute studs add interest to a basic look.  It gives that little bit of sparkle every girl loves!  For the shoes, you can't go wrong with some Converse! 


Next, considering we live in Indiana we all know how quickly the temperature can change.  I love to wear layers so you can accommodate the weather.  Start by tying a plaid or checkered top around your waist. If it cools down you can throw it on over your Double Stripe Sleeve Top.  If your school tends to dress up a little more for games, consider putting it under your Game Day Sweatshirt so the collar shows.  Roll up your sleeve to show the print as well. 


And you can't forget that game days mean tailgating!  I probably love it more than the game itself.  You get to fill up on your favorite food and beverages!  I loved this idea from Lady Behind the Curtain!


Photo Credit: Lady Behind the Curtain


Speaking of food and beverages, you might as well match your cup to your outfit.  How cute is this Tervis?!  You can keep your mixed drink nice and cool in this guy.


Photo Credit: Tervis



And that pretty much completes your game day outfit!  Your man will surely approve of your outfit while cheering on your favorite team together.  Heck, he may even do a touchdown dance! 


STB Babe,





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