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Give Yourselves A Pat On The Back

Caitlin Lubbehusen

Posted on September 12 2016

You all never seize to amaze me!  We have some of the most amazing customer out there.  We recently hit 7K on Instagram and wanted to celebrate the occasion!  We had a major sale on markdowns and you all LOVED it. 

I was up at our cabin while the flash sale went on and thought I would check to see how it was going.  Whoa!  Orders out the wazoo.  I checked 10 minutes later... you shocked me again.  It's safe to say to guys love a good sale!

But the point in me telling you all this is to explain why last week the blog schedule was a little out of whack.  It was a crazy week catching up on online orders, in-store pickups, and the fact that Boss Babe Sara is getting married this coming week.  It was crazy, but we are crazy thankful!


So since my head is still spinning, I thought I would do a short post to kick off the week.  I thought Monday was no better day to get inspired.


Photo Credit: The Shine Project


I've been following The Shine Project for some time now.  I love the mission behind their company and encourage you to read their story.  The company's Boss Babe, Ashley, writes some of the most uplifting quotes and stories on her Instagram page and blog. 


I thought I would share the encouraging words that she wrote with this picture:

"Fear is an interesting part of life. Sometimes it comes in so strong and we don't even know exactly what we're afraid of, we just feel the pain of it. Other times we anticipate it during different times in our lives that we know we are being called on to do something hard. This week a new friend told me something beautiful. She said, "Ashley, make fear bow at your feet." Today I pass that message on to you. Most often the only way to get on the other side of your fear is to pass through it, to do that thing that feels so crippling and scary and hard. Sometimes we don't get to pop out on the other side of fear for weeks or months or years, but what's important is that we keep living and doing. You were created for exceptional things. Make fear bow at your feet and don't let it convince you otherwise. ❤️"

-Ashley Lemieux, The Shine Project


I hope you all make fear bow at your feet this week.  Happy Monday!

STB Babe,



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