Let me paint a scenario in your mind.  Yesterday a cute girl came in the store and proceeded to browse around.  She did her thing and after looking around came up to me holding a cozy cardigan.  She said she would be back soon to get it with her Mom for back-to-school shopping.

Hold the phone.  Is it really that time already?!  I began thinking, dang girl, you must be a planner.  The only thing on my mind right now is finding a free day in my schedule to lay by the pool.  But then I casually glanced over to the right-hand corner of my computer screen...

7-19-2016.  *gasp*  How in the freakin' world is July almost over?  The girl wasn't crazy, I was oblivious.  Before you know it school will be in session.  So I guess we need to prepare ourselves for a little back to school shopping!


Blue Gingham Button Up Top // $39.50


Blue Gingham Button Up Top // $39.50

Grey Open Side Sweater Vest // $46.50


Want a fun yet fashionable outfit for the first day of class?  No need to save another Pinterest pin because this outfit solves all your problems.  You can look professional in front of the teachers and then shed the vest for a more casual look when going out for with your friends after.  The vest has an open side detail which makes it great for the transition into fall. 

And my favorite piece has to be the blue gingham!  It's my power color with one of my favorite prints.  You can do so much with this basic piece.  Keep it buttoned and accent it with a statement necklace for a preppy look.  Or even unbutton it and pop a cami under for a casual, laid back style.


Ivory Pinstripe Cuff Blouse // $34


For the first day of school it's practically mandatory to dress cute and put in extra effort.  Hey, you worked hard for that summer bod.  You might as well flaunt it.  But the second day of school doesn't get as much attention as the first. 

However, that doesn't mean you should pull out the sweatpants and a PINK pullover just yet.  This pinstripe blouse solves all your problems.  Not only is it super comfy paired with denim, but it is sooo flattering.  The tie helps define your waist and show off your curves!


Grey Wide Neck Basic Tee // $26


You've finally made it past your first few days of school and believe it or not, you have a test over the Chapter One on Monday.  There always is that one professor...  So on the night before cramming, snuggle into this oversized grey tee.  If you have to pull an all-nighter, at least know that you can scurry to class looking cute.  Before heading out the door, swap out your sweatpants for some destroyed jeans and give the top a slight tuck.  If you have the time, throw on a necklace or a stack of bracelets for good luck!


So before you freak out realizing it is almost time for back-to-school shopping, take a deep breath, grab your purse, and head over to one of our three locations!  We will help you get known among your friend group as the "best dressed" one!  ;)


STB Babe,




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